What is Japanese Interior Design?

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Japanese interior design involves an uncluttered clean look, which is why many Japanese homes seem empty compared to western homes. A Japanese home uses plenty of natural materials in its construction. Japanese Interior Design is all about the building and not about adding items to a room. It is all about minimization.

Japanese interior design involves the use of shoji screens, there are literally hundreds of different latticework patterns that to work with. Personal touches are added in regards to artwork, furniture and seasonal decorations.

Japanese interior design regarding flooring consists of tatami mats. These mats are approximately 90×120 cm. Floor plans consist of arranging tatami mats in six-inch mat or eight-inch mat arrangements.

A tokonoma alcove is where the Japanese art, family heirlooms and seasonal decorations are displayed. A similar area in a western style home would be the fireplace mantle. You would find such items as bonsai plants or hanging scrolls in the tokonoma alcove.

Where furniture is concerned in the style of Japanese interior design you will find as stated before a complete lack of furniture. The furniture that you will find in most Japanese homes is tansu, kotatsu and hibachi.

The Japanese use a style of bed called a futon, which is similar to the western style. The futon comes with a mattress and cover, the cover is called a kake-buton.

If you really want an unconventional look, then Japanese interior design will definitely give you what you want. Japanese interior design is not hard to create, there are simple designs that anyone can follow. You can use several sources for providing ideas for your Japanese theme. Interior design or interior decorating magazines would be a great place to start. As always, there is the internet to provide your inspiration.

Your research will provide you with tips on color schemes, decorating ideas and types and styles of furniture to use. Many people associate Japanese interior design as being plain and boring. However, it does not have to be! Japanese antiques added to your living space will enhance the room’s ambiance. Try to learn or perhaps you already know about the Japanese culture; that will help in your design plans as well.

When designing a room such as a bedroom based on Japanese interior design, it is important to visualize the function of each piece of furniture since Japanese interior design is based on the minimalist approach. Use Zen philosophy when furnishing your room as the Japanese use this approach when decorating.

Using natural lighting and natural materials are a big part of the Japanese interior design process. Items such as stones and wood are great for the natural look. If going with the natural lighting you will need to remove your light fixtures or conceal them as best as possible. Japanese interior design calls for tranquility and serenity, thus loud and bright colors are not generally used. Furnishing your rooms with furniture that is low to the ground creates the illusion of having more space, which is another key component of Japanese interior design.