Library Interior Design Speaks of Serenity

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The key ingredient in all library interior design is serenity. An area that is conducive to studying and reading should be the first and foremost consideration in library interior design. Comfort is a consideration as well, but not the main emphasis. You don’t want to make someone so comfortable that they want to camp out in library and say, take a nap. Because if they are too comfortable, they might be tempted to fall asleep. Unfortunately, sleepy patrons tend to frequent libraries much too often. Bright color schemes and good lighting will help eliminate a few of the more exhausted patrons. In general, however, the focus in Library interior design is on the gentle atmosphere.

Key Elements of Library Design

The first step when designing a library interior will be for the designer to speak to the staff in order to determine the needs of the library. They need to learn if there are any specific elements that must taken into consideration. For instance, is it a study library, a reading library, a children’s library or a combination? The designer must become familiar with the needs and wants of the client before launching into a design project. It will be advisable to research the history of the library, the people flow and percentage of ethnic groups.

Library interior designers, as with all designers nowadays, are required to be sure that every design they execute is handicap accessible. Color scheme and layout will be next on the list of elements to be devised. After these have been chosen, then the designer moves to the selection of furniture, fabric, carpet, lighting and accessory manufacturers. The main furniture and accessory components in library interior design will include moveable shelving, reading tables, case goods, computer furniture, book stacks, seating, four-post shelving and book detection systems.

If a certain atmosphere is to be interwoven with the library interior design, then the colors, case goods, carpeting, lighting and some of the furniture will need to be incorporated into the design of the library interior. Of course, if the library design and architecture interior design you are creating is in a home, the overall concept will be totally different than a public or a corporate library. It is immensely easier for any interior designer to be able to design a library interior from scratch with a new and empty structure than to refurbish an existing one. However, a highly-skilled and talented interior designer will find library interior design stimulating no matter how that project comes about.