Rustic Vogue — Sophisticated Take on Shabby Chic

Home Improvement

The year 2021 has brought many intriguing trends into the world of interior design. One of the most notable ones is the so-called Rustic Vogue, characterized by its ability to create an elegant, sophisticated feel without much effort. It helps bring out the hidden charm of your home by exploiting natural textures and bold colors.

While succumbing to different trends each season might put a toll on your wallet; you’ll find that Rustic Vogue is pretty eclectic. This means that its introduction into your home will not put a lot of strain on your budget. In addition, there are a lot of budget-friendly materials on the market (magnesium oxide boards, bamboo panels, rigid core vinyl flooring) that will make your projects pretty affordable.

Continue reading for more handy tips on how to turn your home into a Rustic Vogue paradise without breaking the bank.

Remove the Barrier Between Indoor and Outdoor

Rustic Vogue is quite similar to Cottagecore aesthetics in the sense that both emphasize removing borders between what’s outside and inside. This is done with one aim — to bring humanity closer to nature. The easiest way to do this is to find inspiration in your immediate surroundings.

Have a closer look at your neighborhood and try to find something that makes it stand out. Is there an old oak behind your house? Is your part of the country famous for its pottery? Is there a botanical garden in your city? Gather information and use it to your advantage.

Get an oak sideboard for your living room, put your favorite pottery on the mantelpiece, or get a bunch of houseplants for your mini oasis. Each of these pieces will successfully bridge the gap between the outside world and your home. You will be able to bring out your region’s natural beauty, which is what Rustic Vogue is all about — highlighting the beauty that is already there.

Mixing the Modern and the Antique

Take a trip to your local flea market and browse to your heart’s content. The more pieces you find, the better. This trend is a perfect mix of contemporary and vintage elements, which means that if your home is filled with super modern elements, you need to add other pieces to create some balance.

Alternatively, you can peruse your attic and basement to find pieces that carry some sort of personal value. Use your grandmother’s embroidered cushions for your brand new sofa, or set up an 80’s style armchair covered with your family quilt. It is these bespoke pieces that will bring the necessary rustic charm into your home.

Floors Are Integral

Interior designers claim that floors play a central role when it comes to creating Rustic Vogue looks. They have the power to set the tone of the entire room, so you need to be careful when selecting the type of wood and its finish for your home. We are aware that changing floors can be extremely pricey. Luckily the market is overflowing with affordable options like rigid core vinyl flooring that can give you the same effect at a fraction of the cost.

Rigid core luxury vinyl flooring comes in planks instead of sheets for that real-wood look. What is also great is that they come in various colors, so you’ll definitely be able to find ones that go with your Rustic Vogue rooms. This trend is all about bold but warm colors, so choosing something that resembles red oak floors is a great option. Now just throw some vintage rugs into the mix, and you’re good to go.

Use A Warm and Inviting Palette

We’ve already mentioned that this trend is all about the feeling of comfort and warmth, and that also goes for the color palette you’ll use. Instead of using dull, neutral colors, stick to oranges and chestnuts. To break the monotony, add blues, greens, and teals. These colors are famous for their calming properties, so they will subdue the intensity of orange tones.

Finalize the look by adding grandiose pieces like framed mirrors, artwork, large house plants, anything that will make the space more inviting but elegant at the same time. As far as materials are concerned, stick to natural ones like wood, metal, and stone.

Final Thoughts

Implementing a Rustic Vogue design is not as hard as it sounds. You just need a solid plan before you start remodeling. You can start small by adding a vintage piece here or there or replacing your floors with rigid core luxury vinyl flooring for a more dramatic effect. Either way, your cozy Rustic Vogue interior awaits!