Horizontal Directional Drilling: Solving your pipework problems


Looking for the easiest way to get pipework underground? Horizontal directional drilling is the solution for you. This technique gives you the ultimate flexibility to install them in a large range of different terrain. Directional drilling allows a tunnel to be dug to the specific measurements desired by you. Expert technicians use a large drill head fitted with special technology (we’ll talk about that in a minute) to guide the drilling pipe through with great precision. The pipe starts drilling the area from its entry point and follows the predetermined path, which can even be shaped as and arc or in any other shaped path. Directional drilling uses advanced technology in coordination with a team of drilling technicians to create the path for your project, the process includes water and mud circulation which keeps the drilled hole open and lubricated. This part of the job removes all the drill cuttings created by the channelling and coats the walls. The channel is dug using a tracking device which has been set to the plotted points in the plan of the project. This helps ensure near pin point accuracy on every occasion.

Horizontal directional drilling has many advantages, as the method most construction workers prefer it is the ideal solution on most sites. It can easily be near rivers of any size, underneath roads and around any sensitive crossings, along with that from a single location many different wells can be drilled at any different angle. No pipework burrowed into the ground during the horizontal directional drilling process requires any intermediate pits, the only above surface holes into the ground are the entry and exit points. This stops any disturbance to the ground in the other areas of your site.

This style of drilling can be used for many different uses and industries, some of these include electricity, gas and data cabling on existing areas (residential or industrial) or new builds. There are few limits to the use of directional drilling. 

This technique is a developed solution that causes no disruption to the infrastructure in the local area, all road and rail traffic can continue to flow during the works and it doesn’t change any visual elements of the landscape of the area.

The directional drilling company you select should have expertise and experience in the field. A professional service will aid planning in every instance, at every step of the way, including helping you plot the drilling channel, advising on correct equipment and planning emergency procedures for your site. Confidence in the service you take is key. A good company will leave you pleased with the efficiency, customer service and cleanliness of drilling operations taken place. Reading reviews of directional drilling companies online are often a good way of decide which one is right for you.