Your home by renovating the bathroom and kitchen

Bathroom Improvement

You can add value to your home by renovating the bathroom and kitchen.

Renovating the Bathroom If you are looking to increase the value of your home, there is no better place than a bathroom renovation and kitchen repair project. While many home improvement plans only focus on one room, it is worth considering combining the kitchen and bathroom renovations into one bigger project. It may be possible to save money by doing both.

Two of the most used spaces in a home are the bathroom and the kitchen. The kitchen is often considered to be the most important space in the house. The best home improvements that you can make to your bathroom and kitchen are the ones in the kitchen and bathroom countertops. Most people begin with the kitchen cabinets and bathroom. However, you may be able to make small changes to the counter tops and save some money by just refinishing the cabinets.

Before you start ripping out countertops, plan.

Before you start to think about your countertops, you should consider these three important points.

One – How easy would you like them to clean?

Two – Do you plan to use tile for your counter tops

Three – Would you be able to add an additional sink?

You might want to consider the appearance of your countertops when you’re thinking about selling your house. This could be costly if you’re considering adding tile accents to your counter tops. However, if your home is more valuable it might be worth the extra expense. It is worth considering adding a sink to your kitchen if you have the space. You might even consider adding a vegetable sink.

Bartering can help you save money

You can purchase both kitchen and bathroom countertops simultaneously as you are doing home improvements. This will allow you to save money and possibly even make a deal. This method can be more advantageous than going to a large corporate building supply store and dealing directly with the owner.

Get creative bathroom design ideas for a new look

Sometimes, it is easier to execute a task than plan it. So when you are looking for a bathroom design for your home, the most time will be spent deciding on details. There aren’t many options in a bathroom. However, you should have an idea of what style, color, and durability you are looking for. You can feel relaxed and soothed by a great bathroom design. Take a look at samples and photos to see which options you like best.


White walls are not as popular as they once were. Therefore, everyone wants to inject some color and style into their decor. You have options for bathroom walls: you can paint them, tiling or do half and half. You can use tiles to make different patterns and are easy to clean. Paint can also be easily renewed without worrying about cracking or chipping. This is an important decision that will impact the rest of your bathroom.

Showers and Baths

It used to be that you could only relax and unwind in a bathtub. Standing showers can now be equipped with multiple shower heads, steam jets and other settings that provide the same level of relaxation as a bathtub. This decision could be influenced by space, or just practicality. You need to consider which setting is most suitable for you. It may surprise you how much planning for your bathroom renovation can be simplified by proper spacing.

Counter space

You don’t have to pick a counter with durability in mind. We use it for added space only, so you can choose something trendy. A double sink can be a good idea, but it is better to have one and add more counter space. Granite, marble and laminate as well as glass are all popular options. Make sure to choose something that complements the colors in the room.


Although larger bathrooms might have enough cupboard space, in most cases you will need to provide storage for linens, toiletries, and other essentials. To store items, you can add wall cabinets, floor cabinets or caddies to the toilet. For maximum functionality, vanity mirrors can be fitted with deep shelving.

There are many things to think about when designing a bathroom. You can transform any space with the right budget and time. This will allow you to maximize your potential for practicality and relaxation.

5 Essential Bathroom Remodeling Tips

A truly great bathroom is something that makes you feel special. Are you one of those people who finds yourself returning to a table at a restaurant or hotel only to be compelled to tell others about how beautiful the bathrooms are? It’s easy for us to feel happy, calm, and fancy when we are in a beautiful bathroom.

You might feel overwhelmed when looking for bathroom remodeling ideas. There are many stunning bathroom remodeling magazines and websites that offer beautiful designs. Each one is as gorgeous as the next. Which one is best for you?

Make a budget

You’re investing in your home and your future by transforming it into the style you desire. Remodeling your bathroom or home can be expensive. Without a budget, the costs can spiral out of control.

It is possible to do your research on local custom-building costs and set a budget. Then, stick to it. It is easier to choose a contractor for remodeling or a design-build company that provides fixed pricing instead of estimates.

Remodeling bathrooms can be costly quickly due to high labor costs and, in lesser cases, the cost of materials. Highly skilled professionals are in high demand. They are also licensed subcontractors and general contractors for bathrooms. You will need to consider the cost of all materials including tiles and bathtubs if you plan to remodel your bathroom.

When creating your budget, there are a few things you should consider:

  • Do you want to sell your home in the next few years?
  • Are you interested in changing the location of your plumbed-in objects?
  • Which parts of the bathroom remodel are essential?
  • How much can you invest?

Remodeling your bathroom prior to selling your house

My clients are advised to remodel their homes with their own needs in mind, and not for resale. You will not be able to recoup all of the remodeling costs when you sell your home. You might think twice about investing in major remodeling projects if you plan to only stay for a year.

Bathroom remodels are a good way to recover a portion of the cost when you sell your home, especially if it was old or worn out. The average bathroom remodel saw a 70% return on investment when it came time to sell. A remodel is a smart investment if you intend to stay in your home for a long time to enjoy the space.

Select the bathroom you want

Bathrooms come with a variety of sizes and layouts. Most likely, the bathroom you choose to remodel will remain the same. It’s still a good idea, however, to consider all options before you commit to a particular style or grout. A professional interior designer will help you to see the possibilities you may have missed. A cramped half-bath could be transformed by borrowing space from a bedroom or walk-in closet to create a luxurious master suite.

Standard Bathroom

A full bathroom, also known as a standard or full bathroom, is one with a sink, toilet and a shower or bath. Older homes had one bathroom, which the whole family could share.

The master en-suites share the same basic features, but can be accessed from the master bedroom. Many homeowners who remodel or add a master suite to their home opt for a spa-like atmosphere. Skylights, separate steam showers, and a soaking bathtub are just a few of the options. A master suite designed well can provide a relaxing escape from home.

If a master suite is not already present, it can usually be added to a house. This can make the standard bath available for family use, and eliminate long lines during morning showers.

Half bath

A powder room or half bath is a small space with a sink and toilet. A half bath could make your life easier if you live in an older Seattle house with only one full bathroom. Guests can make use of the powder room to wash their hands and not invade your bathroom. If you have guests, the powder room can relieve some pressure from your main bathroom if everyone is trying to get ready in the morning.

A half bath doesn’t need a large footprint. Half baths can be installed in tight spaces, even closets. A half bath can increase the value of your house and make your life easier.

Bathrooms that are wet

A wet bath refers to a full bathroom that has the shower in one area and not behind a curtain. Wet baths are waterproof from floor to walls, cabinets and walls.

One of my favourite approaches to bathroom design is creating a wet area. You can make it look modern and sleek without having to worry about shower doors. It is practical and stylish. They are waterproofed so water doesn’t splash on the floors or walls. Because there are no curbs, barriers or obstacles to prevent people with limited mobility from safely entering and exiting the wet baths, they lend themselves to universal design principles.

Wet baths also make good use of space. A wet bath can help you make more space in a small room.

Plan a bathroom layout

Now you have decided on the type and size of the bathroom you want to install or remodel. Now, it’s time for layout. There are many options for bathroom layouts depending on how big or small the space is.

Important tip: You must plan the layout before you can think about the aesthetics.

Clients often tell me to keep their current layout. If clients like the layout of their toilet, tub/shower, and sink and are comfortable living with it, I recommend that they do so.

Remodeling plumbing fixtures and walls can quickly increase the cost of your bathroom remodel. If you are able to leave it alone, do so.

Sometimes, the layout may not work.

Perhaps your original bathroom design was poor. Perhaps you require more space. Perhaps you want to convert a half-bath into a full bathroom. There are many reasons why you might have to modify the layout. This is where it can get complicated.

The image of your bathroom can get stuck in your mind when you look at it. It can take a lot of mental effort to imagine it in a different form.

A designer can offer design consultations and create a 3-D rendering of how your bathroom will look. CRD can let clients experience potential bathroom designs through a virtual reality headset. You can then explore many options until you find the one that you like.

The smaller the area, the more layout options you’ll have. You can only fit a toilet, sink, or bathtub in an 8’x8′ space. You have more options and are more likely to customize if you have more space.

Decide if you want a tub or not

Hamlet’s first dilemma was “To bathe or not to bathe” which was Shakespeare’s answer. Besides, Danish castles can be expensive to maintain, and showers only became available in the 17th century. This question is important for modern homeowners who want to maximize space.

Although traditional bathrooms have bathtubs, our desire to soak is on the decline. Perhaps it is because Americans are more mobile, but they prefer to shower over take a bath. Showers use far less water than baths.

Fitting a bathtub into your bathroom remodel is a great idea if you are someone who enjoys the complete relaxation that a bath provides. A master bathroom with an en-suite is the best place to install luxury bathtubs. This will allow you to unwind and enjoy your spa experience without having to worry about anything else.

You may need at least one tub if you are planning to sell your home soon. If you plan to stay in your home for many decades, you can ignore this advice and convert all of your tubs into luxury showers. You may never look back.

Consider lighting

When designing a bathroom, lighting is often overlooked. Bad bathroom lighting can instantly ruin the appearance and utility of a space.

Natural lighting

Natural lighting makes bathrooms feel brighter and more airy. Make sure to include as many windows as possible and a skylight in your bathroom design. You might be able to use a tubular Skylight if your home’s design isn’t suitable for a traditional skylight.

A natural lighting scheme surrounding the mirror will allow you to see how you will look when you go outside. It also gives you true representations of your skin color and skin tone.

You may choose to place your mirror and vanity lighting so that you face the windows in your bathroom. This will allow you to enjoy the sun during the day, and vanity lighting at night.

Artificial lighting

Regardless of how great your natural lighting plan is, the sun will set every day. You’ll need an equal-quality artificial lighting plan.

It is helpful to think in layers. Recessed LEDs mounted on a dimmer can provide ambient lighting, but overhead lights can cast shadows onto the face. This is not pleasant. Layer soft lighting at the vanity’s head level. Modern vanities include built-in lighting which provides a pure, broad-spectrum of light to give your skin a natural look. Avoid using bare bulbs and harsh light sources.

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