Add Value to Your Home with a Kitchen and Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom Improvement

Add Value to Your Home with a Kitchen and Bathroom Remodel

A well-done Bathroom Remodel and kitchen renovation project will add significant value to your home. Although many home improvements plans focus on one room only, this article will show you how it is possible to combine the kitchen and bathroom remodeling into one large project. You might find it cheaper to do both.

The bathroom and kitchen are two of most frequently used rooms in the home. The kitchen is often regarded as the main space in the home. If you are looking to make a home improvement or kitchen repair, perhaps the best place to start is the kitchen and bathroom counters. You may start with the kitchen cabinets or the bathroom, but you can often make minor changes to the counters to save money.

Be patient before you tear up the countertops.

Three factors are important to consider before you begin the process of choosing countertops.

One – How simple do you want them to be to clean?

Two – Would you use any tiles on your counter tops

Three – Do you think it is possible to add a third sink?

It is important to look at the design of your counter tops when considering selling your home. You might consider tile accents as a way to enhance your counter tops. This can be expensive, but it could be an option if your home has a higher price. You might consider adding an additional sink to your kitchen, if you have the space. Perhaps you can even add a sink for vegetables.

A little bit of bartering can save you money

Bartering is a good way to save some money as you’ll be doing both a kitchen and bathroom remodel. It is possible to get a better deal by visiting your local building supply and speaking directly to the owner, rather than dealing with a larger corporate building supplies company.

Get Creative Bathroom Remodeling Ideas for a New Look

Sometimes it’s easier to do a job than plan it. When you decide on the details for your bathroom remodel, this will take the most time. While there are not many bathroom features, there are plenty of options to choose from. You will need to know what you want and how it will look. If you want to feel calm and relaxed in your bathroom, then take a look at sample photos or displays to help you compare the options.


White isn’t as common for walls anymore, so people are trying to add some color and flair to their decor. The options when it comes to bathroom decor are endless. You can choose to paint the walls or tiling the walls. Or you could do both. The tiles are easy-to-clean and can be used to make various patterns. However, paint can be easily renewed and refreshed without any worries about cracking or chipping. This decision can have a significant impact on the rest of the bathroom.

Baths and showers

There was a time when you could only really relax in a bath tub. Standing showers are now available with options such as multiple shower heads and steam jets to offer the same relaxation experience as a bath. It is possible to make this decision based on space or practicality. So you should think carefully about which one works best for you. The best way to simplify the planning of your bathroom remodel is by using proper spacing.

Counter space

Since we don’t use our counters for anything more than extra space, it doesn’t mean that it should be durable. This gives us the freedom to choose something fashionable. It is possible to have a single sink and then add additional counter space. Granite, marble, glass, laminate, and glass are all trendy options. Choose something that matches the color scheme of the room.


While larger bathrooms may have adequate cupboard space, many smaller bathrooms will not have the necessary storage. In most cases, however, it is important to make sure you have places for your linens, toiletries, or other necessities. You can also add floor cabinets, wall cabinets, and caddies behind the toilet to provide additional storage space. You can get vanity mirrors that have deeper shelves inside to maximize functionality.

You should consider more than just color when you are thinking about bathroom remodeling. If you have the time and money to transform any space, you can make it functional and relaxing.

5 Essential Bathroom Remodeling Tips

A great bathroom has something special. Is it possible to return to the table in a hotel or restaurant and be moved to comment on the bathroom’s beauty? A beautiful bathroom can make you feel relaxed, happy, and even a little fancy.

There are many options when it comes to bathroom remodeling ideas. You will find stunning designs in magazines and on websites for bathroom renovations that look just as beautiful as the previous. What one is right?

Set up a Budget

If you have the chance to make your home the way you want it to be, you are making an investment in yourself and your property. Bathroom and home remodeling can be as expensive as you want it to, and costs can spiral if you don’t have a budget.

You can research the local costs of custom building, then set a realistic budget and stick with it. Fixed pricing is better than estimates. This will make it easier when you choose a remodeling contractor.

Bathroom remodels can quickly become expensive due to both labor costs and materials. Bathroom general contractors who are licensed and skilled are in high demand. It is important to calculate the cost of every item, from tiles to a bathtub, if you are looking to renovate your bathroom.

Before you can create your budget, here are some things to consider:

  • Are you planning to sell in a few years’ time?
  • You would like to change the position of plumbed in items?
  • What are the most important parts of a new bathroom?
  • What are your financial limits?

Remodel your bathroom before you sell your home

Clients should remodel their homes for their own personal use and not to increase their resale values. Except for a few cases, your investment in remodeling will not be fully recouped when you sell your house. It is worth considering whether you will be staying for less than a year before selling your home.

However, bathrooms remodels can often recoup a substantial portion of their costs when the time comes to sell. This is especially true if your bathroom was outdated or too worn. A bathroom remodel averaged 70% of its cost when it was sold in 2018. It may be a good idea to remodel if you are going to live in the home for long enough to truly enjoy it.

Choose the type bathroom

Bathrooms can come in many sizes and configurations. You won’t likely change the style of your bathroom when you remodel it. But it is a good idea not to limit your choices before you start to put your ideas into stone or grout. You might be surprised at the possibilities that an experienced interior designer may see. You can transform a small half bath into a spacious master suite by borrowing space from a closet or bedroom.

Standard Bathroom

A standard bathroom (or full bath) is one that has a sink and toilet as well as a bathtub, shower or both. Some older homes only had one full bathroom for the whole family.

Although they share the same basic features as the master bedroom, master en suites can be accessed through the master bedroom. Remodeling or adding a master bedroom to a home can create a relaxing spa-like environment. Imagine skylights and a separate steam room. A well-designed master suite can be a tranquil escape in your home.

A master suite can, in most cases, be added to a home. It can be used to free up the existing bath and reduce lines at the morning shower.

Half bath

A half bathroom, also known as a powder room, is an area that only has a sink or a toilet. Half baths can make life much easier for those who live in older homes in Seattle. You can invite guests to your home for dinner and have them use the powder room. It can also be used by house guests if they are trying to use the main bath at the same time.

Half baths are very compact and can be placed anywhere you like. Half baths can fit in even the tightest spaces, including corners and closets. A half-bath can make your home more valuable and your life easier.

The wet bathroom

A wet bathtub is a type full bathroom in which the shower is not located in a separate cubicle, or behind a curtain. Wet baths have a waterproof floor, cabinets, and walls.

I love the idea of creating a wet space in a bathroom. You can keep it sleek and modern without worrying about cumbersome shower doors. It’s also very practical. You don’t need to worry about water splashing on the walls or floor because they are waterproof. Because there aren’t any curbs or other barriers that prevent someone with limited mobility and their safe passage into the shower, wet baths lend themselves to universal design principles.

Another benefit of wet baths are their efficient use of space. You may have limited space if you’re remodeling your bathroom or adding one. A wet bath allows you to fit more in a smaller space because there is no need to dedicate any space to a frame or stall.

Design a bathroom layout

You’ve decided which type of bathroom you want, whether it’s a half or full bath, a wet bath, or a standard. Now, let’s think about the layout. There are many variations of bathroom layout depending on the size and shape of the area.

Important tip: It is important to plan your bathroom layout before you start thinking about its aesthetics.

I advise clients often to keep the layout they have. If the client likes the location of the toilet, bathtub, sink, and shower, and is able to live with it, I suggest they go for it.

You can increase the cost for your bathroom remodel by rearranging plumbing fixtures (and walls), but if you’re able to do it yourself, then go ahead.

There are times when the layout isn’t working.

Your original bathroom may have been poorly designed. You might need more space. You might want to convert a small half bath into a large full bath. For a variety of reasons, you may need to alter the layout. It can be tricky.

This image can be stuck in your head when you look at your bathroom. It can be difficult to imagine the bathroom in any other form than it is.

Designers can assist you by providing design consultations, and creating a 3-D rendering to show you how your new bathroom will look. CRD is able to allow our clients to experience new bathroom designs via a virtual reality headset. This allows you to explore different options until you finally find one you love.

You will have fewer options for layouts if you have a smaller space. An 8’x8″ footprint is limited in the number of ways you can fit a bathtub, sink, and toilet. There are many customization options available, so more space is a plus.

Decide if you would like a bathtub

Hamlet’s original dilemma, “To bathtub or to not bathtub”, was Shakespeare’s. It’s not hard to keep up Danish castles, and showers have only just been invented at the beginning of the 17th century. This is a huge question for homeowners today who are looking to make the most of space.

While traditional bathrooms had bathtubs, we seem to have less need to soak in our modern bathrooms. It could be that Americans prefer to take a shower rather than take a bath. Also, baths require more water than showers.

A bathroom remodel that incorporates a bath will make you feel relaxed and happy is the right choice for you. Luxury bathtubs look best in a master bathroom with an ensuite where you can unwind in total peace and away from all the noises in your home.

One bathtub is a good idea if your house will be on the market soon. If you intend to live in your home for many more years, then it is a good idea to convert all your bathtubs to luxury showers. You may never look back.

Consider lighting

A lot of people overlook lighting when designing a bathroom. Bad bathroom lighting will be obvious to you, and can ruin the appearance and functionality of your space.

Natural lighting

A bathroom that has ample natural light makes it feel bigger and brighter. You should incorporate as many windows and skylights into your bathroom design as you can. A tubular skylight might be an option if the home design doesn’t allow for a traditional rooflight.

The natural lighting around the mirror gives you a true representation of your skin and color.

Your bathroom design may have one or more windows. If so, your mirror and vanity lights should be placed in front of the window. This allows you to get sunlight during the day and vanity light after dark.

Artificial lighting

No matter how well you plan your natural lighting, the sun always sets, so an equally effective artificial lighting plan will be required.

A good place to start is thinking in terms of layers. Although recessed LEDs can be used to provide ambient light from a dimmer switch, it is important to remember that overhead lighting can cast shadows which can make the face look unattractive. Soft lighting should be placed at the vanity’s top. Modern vanities come with built-in lighting, which gives your skin a natural glow. Avoid bright light sources and bare bulb.

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