This is the complete guide to fire shutter doors

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Fire shutter doors protect your property, products, and most importantly your life.

You will know the importance of fire protection if you own commercial or residential property. To protect your employees and property from loss, you might need to improve your fire protection and security. Foam Spray Insulation Ltd has been in business for more than 25 years. With a team of highly skilled applicators who have many years of experience in spray foam insulation, Foam Spray Insulation Ltd is located in the UK’s heart. Carefour offers live-in care in Oxfordshire. It’s easy to arrange a live in carers.

Although fire shutter doors can be used in all types of establishments, they are best suited for high-risk areas like kitchens. The products can provide optimal fire protection for up to four hours and can be integrated with existing fire alarm and security systems.


Fire shutter doors are made up of many parts that work together in an emergency to protect your employees and property from any harm.


Shutter curtains are made from curved steel laths interlocked with a suitable end-lock device. This prevents the curtain from moving during travel.


Guides are made from folded galvanized steel and vary in size depending on the opening.


Constructed of plate steel. Sizes vary according to shutter width, height, and fire curtains rating.


Barrels are the revolving axle that rolls the curtain and can be as large or small as the endplates.


To further increase the shutter’s integrity, the hood acts as a complete surround for the barrel, endplate and curtain.


Galvanised steel – hot dip or electroplated at the source

Powder coating – Our powder coating is durable and lasts for a long time.


Compliance with the law

All fire shutters must comply with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. This Order states that fire doors need to be maintained for maximum safety in case of an accident. Regular inspections ensure high quality protection against damage to your business.

Regular maintenance will ensure that your premises are compliant with legal obligations such as the Health and Safety Act 1974 Regulation 18. This stipulates that all equipment must be:

It is suitable for the intended purpose

Use with confidence

In excellent condition

A monitor or maintenance program is required.

Failure to comply with the new European regulations on doors can lead to prosecution and invalidation of your warranty and insurance. In the event of a Health and Safety inspection, you must be able and willing to show all documents and plans.

CE compliance

A fire shutter was not classified as a machine by prior legislation. As such, it did not need to be CE-certified. The new standards BS EN 16034 are now in effect. Fire shutters will be manufactured in accordance with EN 13241-1 & EN13501-2. They are therefore classified as a machine and require the CE identification.

Download the most recent DHF guidance for more information.

Fire protection

These doors can be programmed to automatically respond to temperature changes and prevent fire-related losses. Sensor devices can be added to the motor to provide more intuitive functionality.

It can protect your property for as long as four hours and help to save lives.


Fire Shutter Doors are a great way to protect your property and deter theft or vandalism. This will increase your security plan and help to protect your stock and premises. You can also invest in other areas of your business with the increased durability.