Toilet Troubleshooting: How to Fix a Faulty Flush

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Unclog the Hidden Clog

Toilet problems can be caused by clogs. Clogs are usually caused by a user trying to flush something that isn’t supposed to go down the toilet. Toilet paper is fine, but flushable wipes can cause damage to the plumbing. Toilet augurs and plungers can be used to unstick the blockage. Because it seals the clog better, the flange plunger is best.

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Examine the Chain Mechanism and Handle

Assume that there is no blockage. Unexpected blockages are not the problem in this case. The problem could lie in the handle or chain mechanism. The flushing lever stops working if the chain is disconnected. The chain could also be too long or short.

Extra-long chains won’t snap the flapper, and flushes don’t occur when the flapper isn’t moving. The flapper will not close completely if the chain is too long. The fixture will continue to run and won’t stop running. Take the lid off the tank, and examine the chain. If the chain has become loose, you may need to secure it again.

Forcing the Flapper to Stop Flapping

The flapper is the valve that allows water to flow from the tank into the bowl. It is easy to replace worn-out flappers. Turn off the water supply once you have replaced it. The old flapper can be removed by emptying the tank. Place the new flapper in its place, and then attach the chain. This is a simple process if you live in an apartment rental or townhouse complex.

Fix the Overflow Tube

The overflow tube is our last suggestion. Overflow tubes that are cracked or damaged draw water in, rather than letting it flow past. You can take out the old overflow tube, and install a new one!

How to fix a toilet flushing device

There are many reasons your toilet flushing mechanism might not work. Cistern inlet valve is one of the most common issues. Learn how to replace a toilet ball valve or cistern valve.

Traditional toilet

The flushing mechanism can be seen in a traditional toilet’s cistern. The flush handle is connected to it by a trip lever.

A syphon toilet

A diaphragm is located in a syphon-toilet. You will need to inspect the diaphragm to determine if it is the problem. On some models, you can remove the locator pin and lift up the top of the siphon. This will allow you to inspect and replace the diaphragm.

It can be quite a difficult task to replace a syphon. Follow these instructions to learn how you can do it yourself. You can also contact HomeServe to speak with a professional.