Four Ways to Earn Income Within Your Home

Home Improvement

There seems to be a decentralisation occurring within our society. Historically, it has been the middle of towns and cities, the high streets where businesses cluster together, that have been the main source of work and opportunity for people around the UK. Residents locate themselves in suitable proximity to central locations to find jobs and start careers, as well as to enjoy the bustle. However, a few key factors have begun to change this, allowing more people to earn income without leaving their home and, therefore, remove the need to live close to cities.

Technology has played a key factor in this development. More businesses are allowing their employees to work remotely and, as such, the companies themselves are downsizing and spreading their operation more thinly. Home computing is both affordable and accessible, meaning that conferences, meetings, and projects can be arranged and performed online. There are also more platforms available online that help to get businesses started.

Here are five ways in which you can earn an income within your home.


You may have heard of platforms like YouTube and Twitch. These websites have opportunities for streaming, which is streaming video footage of yourself doing various things. Many associate these services with video games, which remains the most popular usage for them. Millions of people each day tune in around the clock to watch their favourite players sit down and play games.

While there are plenty of opportunities to do this yourself, streaming isn’t solely about video games. Now, streamers go online to show audiences their own hobbies, share their experiences, and even review music and movies. Once you’ve built a small audience, you’ll begin earning revenue with each stream. And, should you work with a certain type of product, you may even get a sponsor.


For many years, people have travelled across the world and earned money teaching languages. Now, people are doing it from their computers. Even if you only know one language, there are many schools established online that will be able to find you the opportunity to teach it online, connecting you with students all over the world.

And it isn’t just languages either. If you have a transferable skill, such as yoga or cooking, you can create your own online channel and begin offering classes. 


Spare rooms, summer houses, and second homes have become associated with Airbnb opportunity. As more people begin taking staycations within the UK, the demand for these stays has grown, making it an ideal time to earn income from your empty space.

However, this isn’t the only opportunity available. There are now platforms for renting parking spaces, cars, and many other assets. So, if you have a garage or parking space that isn’t being used or find yourself with an extra car that could be offered to visiting tourists, it’s worth checking online to see what income can be earned from renting it out. 


Artisans and creatives are in a golden age. Websites like Etsy and Big Cartel allow people to share and sell their wares online, not only to help earn money from their products and designs but also to help grow their customer base and establish their business.

Whether you enjoy painting, wood carving, costume design, or designing clothing within your home, it is easy to market your wares online and begin turning your hobby into a business overnight.