Bathroom Technology for your Home

Home Improvement

In recent years we’ve seen a boom in technology, bringing your home to life with smart home devices. We are now introducing technology for safety features, protection, and smart home features for ease of use.

Smart bathroom technology is perfect for convenience, waste reduction, safety, health benefits and economically friendly purposes. The smart bathroom connects with the rest of your home to control and customise your experience. From personalising your shower pressure and temperature each time you have a shower with your own shower profile, to smart, self-cleaning toilets giving you more time for the more enjoyable things in life.

Image Credit: Aqualisa

With today’s technology you can easily control your shower through an app, Alexa, or Hey Google, with some brands giving you access to a water consumption dashboard, allowing you to monitor your families water usage regularly. From a safety perspective, you can set a maximum water temperature during the installation of your shower for additional safety benefits. Smart showring is just one touch of a button away, or voice controlled to perfection.

Interconnected, smart bathrooms, give you and your family complete control and work alongside your smart home, creating a seamless experience, from heating and smart thermostats, wireless appliances, and voice assistants you are bringing your home into the future.  Additional benefits of smart bathrooms are improved health, with devices helping you both mentally, and physically. The devices we recommend for health benefits are chromotherapy, aromatherapy, smart scales, and flotation tubs to promote the ultimate relaxation.

Over the last 5 years, google searches for Chromotherapy have increased, with the combination of shower water and light being said to improve your health and wellbeing. Using the combination of the two can improve muscle tension and state of mind.

We’ve seen steam free mirrors, but 2021 brings the smart mirror, with Bluetooth features allowing you to connect your phone for music and phone calls and beauty mirrors that have skin analysis technology, bringing you tips and information on how to improve your skin care and make up regime based on your skin tone, type, and health.

Following the pandemic, we’ve seen a substantial increase in the number of products brought to the market that require little or no touch. Automatic soap dispensers are the preferred method of washing our hands in the post-Covid era, introducing a more eco-friendly, minimalist way of using our bathrooms. We are slowly waving goodbye to plastic and hello to reusable devices.

Utilising smart technology in our bathrooms brings additional luxury to your already smart home, from being able to connect your devices from one place, increasing your energy efficiency and your homes IQ level, and being ahead of the game for future technologies. Looking where we have come over the last two years with smart home technology, we know the world’s largest tech giants will be head-to-head to bring you the best in smart home and bathroom feature, we are at the beginning of a bright future for smart home technology.