How To Create Your Dream Home Office – September 2021

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As many of us are now working from home, why not make your home office a permanent fixture and create a well-designed space that gives you the comfort and motivation to work from home? Hopefully, this article will spark your interest in getting started to create your very own dream home office!

Think about what you need in your workspace.  

Consider a typical weekday and what would make it easier for you to complete tasks. Start with the furniture. You may admire freestanding workstations and modern design, but before making a purchase, consider whether the furniture is practical and usable.

Would you benefit from a larger desk? Perhaps you need more room for paperwork or notebooks. Do you spend a lot of time comparing data or switching between documents? Perhaps a second monitor would be beneficial, especially if you spend a lot of time flipping between web pages, a second screen could save you a lot of time and effort.

Put Your Stamp on It

As previously stated, make the most of the fact that your office is now in your home by designing a space that is perfect for you! If you choose items that inspire you, you will never have to look at a drab cubicle or desk divider again.

While having too many items on your desk can cause it to appear cluttered, having a few select items that stimulate you is beneficial. Postcards from places you’ve visited, a treasured painting, or even a mood board can all help you get into a creative mindset when you sit down to work. Keep in mind, however, that this is your office, and too much clutter will only muddle your mind.

Why not go all out and create your own personal library? A bookshelf with a rolling library ladder will add the perfect finishing touch to your office area and ensure you have the best zoom background when on business calls, whether it’s filled with books or work literature.

Keep Fit

Keep fit while working and you’ll be killing two birds with one stone. Many of us have decided that now is the time to finally lose that weight we’ve been telling ourselves for years. So, while you’re working from home, why not invest in a standing desk and a slimline/folding treadmill so that you’re constantly walking and burning calories without even realising it?

Green Fingers 

According to research, we can use nature to make our workplaces happier and healthier. Viewing countryside scenes such as trees or water can help to relieve tension, frustration, and fatigue while also increasing satisfaction, stamina, and cognitive function.

While not everyone can afford a home office with a view, you can help replicate those positive aspects of the outside world by installing an indoor herb garden or a bonsai tree in your home office. To help create a relaxing working environment, you could also choose a piece of wall art that depicts the natural world, or subdued greens and earth tones for the room’s furnishings.

Lights, Camera, Action

Sitting in a gloomy room all day will exhaust you and leave you uninspired! Use natural light whenever possible! Working in a well-lit environment awakens and energises you, and it can even help you be more creative.

If you don’t get a lot of natural light in your office, try replacing your light bulb with a daylight bulb. These bulbs assist in simulating the appearance of natural light, allowing you to work in the dark of a dreary winter afternoon.

Arrange mirrors around the room to reflect any natural light and create the illusion of not only a lighter environment but also having more space; this works especially well in smaller spaces. If your workstation is against a wall, try rearranging the room so that you can look out the window instead; this will give you a break from staring at the computer screen all day.

In Summary

There are a plethora of valuable ideas and variables to consider when working from home. Ensure that there is plenty of natural light and that the colour scheme is soothing. Make the most of your available space by incorporating plants and room designs to improve your mood. Hopefully, our guide has given you some helpful hints, and it’s now time to start planning your dream home office!