When can a Scissor Lift be used?

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Scissor lifts are incredibly useful pieces of equipment, with many applications in construction, property, warehousing, retailing, shipping, entertainment and many other industries. They can lift people, equipment and goods up to 18 meters. That’s the height of some six story buildings, and this is one very useful piece of equipment.  A scissor lift from cherry picker hire Lincoln is essentially a motorized construction lift guarded by a raised platform which raise straight up. They’re ideal for intensive technical work, including close inspections, cable wiring, and storage material handling. Here are some main uses of Scissor Lifts:

1. Construction

Scissor lifts are fantastic for installing cladding and windows on building exteriors. In fact, you can use them in place of scaffolding for many construction tasks, especially on low and mid-rise buildings. This can save both time and money in building construction.

  1. Exterior Maintenance

Our scissor lifts for hire are a favorite with building managers and small companies; they’re indispensable for many building maintenance tasks. Window washing is one, and it’s the first thing that many people think of. However, they’re also great for cladding maintenance and repair. If the roof is within reach, then a scissor lift is an invaluable tool for lifting the materials needed for roof repair or renewal and lowering the rubbish.

  1. Interior Maintenance

Scissor lifts aren’t just useful for maintaining building exteriors; they’re also great for any number of maintenance tasks inside high ceiling areas like factory floors, warehouses, large retail spaces and multi-story atriums. A scissor lifts does what a ladder can’t, making tasks that would otherwise be impossible straightforward. They can help you paint ceilings and high walls, change the globes on high-up light fixtures, and service mechanical equipment that’s suspended from the ceiling.

  1. Inspection

Most things that need to be maintained and repaired also need to be inspected. From gas inspections to building evaluations to comprehensive warehouse inventories, there are times when the hardest to reach places in your facility are going to need to be accessed directly. Often, a scissor lift is the best or only solution.


  1. Warehousing, Storage and Retail

    When you have shelving and storage five, ten or more meters above floor level, then sometimes a forklift and a ladder aren’t enough. You’ll need to buy at least one scissor lift so that workers can access the goods on the highest shelves directly. You’ll want to use it for interior maintenance, too.

  2. Event Set-up and Knock-down

In large spaces like theatres, venues and convention halls, scissor lifts are indispensable tools for event set-up and knock-down. Whether you’re hanging signage from the ceiling trusses or erecting a multi-story video screen, a scissor lift might be just the ticket. If you’re looking for a scissor lift, then our scissor lift comparison tables are a great place to start. You’ll be amazed at the huge range we have available. There’s sure to be something that will meet your needs.

Offering a mix of power, lift capacity, and mobility, scissor lifts can be instrumental in your construction site or warehouse operations.