What is the Average Cost of Tree Removal?

Tree Removal

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Let’s start with the cost of tree-removal.

What is the average cost to remove a tree?

Tree removal costs can be as high as $150 to $2,000, but the average tree removal cost is between $700 and $5000. The cost of tree removal depends on the size and complexity of the tree. Large trees are generally more expensive than smaller ones.

Although you may find tree-removal services that are willing to work for a low price, make sure they are certified arborists who are insured for tree removal. Even seemingly simple jobs can lead to unexpected complications and long-term effects. Don’t let this happen to your property or your landscaping. Arborists need to renew their licenses on a regular basis so that they are continuously trained in the best methods of tree removal.

Factors that Determine the Cost of Tree Removing

Large trees are more expensive to remove. They require more heavy-duty equipment and pose a greater risk. There’s also more material to take away. There are many factors that influence the cost of tree removal services.

The Tree’s Size

Trees less than 30 feet tall are considered small. Typically, removing a small tree will cost between $150 and $500. Many fruit trees, including hawthornes or silver birches, are small.

A small tree such as an elm or maple is between 30-60 feet high and can be removed for $400 to $800. Large trees, such as mature oaks, can be 60-80 feet high and cost between $700 and $1,300 to remove. Trees over 80 feet in height will require a removal cost of approximately $1,000 to $2,000

But height is not the only thing that matters. Trees that are taller have thicker trunks. It may be cheaper to remove a tall tree with a narrower trunk than one with a thicker trunk. Tree removal companies may charge extra if a shorter tree has a large trunk that is difficult to cut. A tree with more than one trunk can lead to a more difficult and more expensive removal.

Type of tree

It is common for two trees with similar heights and trunk dimensions to cost the same amount to remove. The cost of removing trees is more affected by their size than the type. Here are some examples of common tree types.

An oak tree that is mature will reach 60-80 feet in height and can be removed for $700-1,300.

The height of palm trees varies depending on their species. However, the trunks are relatively thin. They are therefore expensive to remove, costing between $200 and $900.

There are more than 100 species of pine trees. They can grow up to five feet high, and well above 90 feet. Tree removal costs range from $150 to $2,000.

Cedar trees can be so tall that removal costs range from $500 to $2,000.

Maple trees matured to maturity can reach 60-100 feet in height. They are usually quite costly to remove and cost between $1,100 to $2,000.

An ash tree matured can grow to 40-80 feet in height and is usually priced between $500 and $1,000 to have removed.

Poplar trees are the most costly trees to remove. They can reach heights of 90-115ft and have extensive root systems.

The Tree’s health and condition

A diseased tree could pose a danger to your property and others, as well as your health. This tree is less costly because it is easier to remove, but can cause serious damage if it is in a hazardous position. To get a quote, schedule an inspection with a tree service.

A tree that has fallen is cheaper than a live tree, as long as it doesn’t create an emergency. Tree removal teams can deal with a tree trunk that is simply lying on the ground much more easily than a live tree. This means you will only pay $100 to $300 to have it removed from your property.

Tree removal emergency

You must remove a tree that has fallen on your house or car suddenly or leaned precariously. It will cost you a lot more to have a tree removed a few days or weeks in advance than one you need right away.

You will have to pay more for urgent services, just like any other rush job. This job is more risky because technicians must be careful not to cause further damage. Prices for tree removal vary depending on the situation and contractor. However, they can easily reach $5,000.

You may also find that tree removal costs rise after a natural catastrophe. This is because many people will need to have their trees removed immediately. Your homeowners insurance may cover some or all of the costs of removing a tree from your property. Make sure to check with your insurance before you pay for this service.

Multiple Trees

You may be able pay per acre if you live in a wooded area that requires multiple trees to be removed. An area that is lightly wooded might cost between $500 and $2,500 an acre. However, a larger area with a greater tree density may cost between $3,000 to $6,000 an acre.

Other cost factors

The cost of tree removal is not dependent on the tree. Additional factors can increase the cost. If you live in remote areas, the contractor may charge a travel surcharge because they will have to transport heavy machinery to your property. People who live in areas with higher living costs will likely pay more for tree removal services.