Using Lighting to Complete Your Interior Design

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Completing your interior design without taking into consideration your lighting is like going out for dinner and only eating a side salad! Whilst it may be tasty, you’re missing out on just how spectacular the dinner could really be. Utilising lighting in your interior design completes your interior design entirely, taking your space from beautiful to captivating.

Beautiful lighting creates definition in your room. You can manipulate the height and space in your room, illuminating cosy corners and creating exquisite focal points in any room. Balancing your light perfectly will create harmony in your space creating maximum impact when you walk into the room.

Believe it or not, your lighting is just as important as every other element of your interior design. From creating ambience to introducing pure comfort, your lighting will bring you the exact vibe you’re looking to achieve when carefully paired with the right furniture and accessories.

For smaller rooms, you can combine floor lights with directing lighting up the walls to increase the depth and definition of your space. Your interior designer will map out your room, planning where your lighting will be and what the function will be. There are different solutions of lighting for everything you need in your living space.

Our Lighting Faves…

Image Credit: Buster & Punch

Lighting comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. A pendant light made from solid stainless steel placed above kitchen islands or dining tables in pairs or 3’s is a great lighting trend in 2021. They are a perfect solution to dining lighting and kitchen lighting, paired with a dimmer switch to set the right ambience for your room and occasion.

Image Credit: Buster & Punch

Another favourite when looking into statement lighting is a chandelier made up of 6 or more drop pendants in stainless steel or brass. If your home features high ceilings this is the perfect focal point for your living space, creating character and showing off your personality. Statement lighting is like artwork. Choose something that speaks to you and replicates your personality.

Natural Lighting 

Daylight is important in any home when transforming your interior design. Lighting designers and interior designers will take into consideration how the natural light changes in your room throughout the day and will work with your artificial lighting plan accordingly. Natural lighting affects the positioning of your furniture, accessories, and lighting. What works in one home that allows an abundance of light through the windows won’t work in a dim city apartment that doesn’t allow in much natural lighting.

You’d be surprised how much you can enhance your natural light through artificial lighting. In dark shelving units you can brighten with spotlights, or illuminate cosy coffee corners with a warm floor light. In the darker corners of your home that doesn’t see the benefit of your natural light you can achieve optimum results by providing solutions to different lighting levels throughout the day.