What Type of Interior Design Salary Could You Expect?

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When it comes to paying an interior designer, the rates are all across the board because it will all depend on the location of the job, on the experience of the interior designer, and many other factors that will play a part in the Interior Design Salary.

There are base salaries that have been projected by researchers as just guidelines to follow but the salaries will vary. The Interior Design Salary for a typical Interior designer would be around $36,674 but that all depends again on what you will define a typical designer as. If you are a well-known designer who has a done a lot of work that people know about then that will make you in demand which will make your Interior Design Salary go up significantly.

There is also the difference between an Interior Designer Salary versus an Interior Decorator Salary. These two jobs are different in the aspect that the decorator is a person who will take a space and do the decorating of it but the designer needs to know all of the principles and the rules that surround that decorating which in turn will make their Interior Design Salary a lot higher.

But if you really want to know the range of the basic Interior Design Salary, it will range anywhere from $22,000 to $40,000 a year. This salary will fluctuate depending on the schooling and specialties that the designer may hold, the employer that they work for, the location where the job is, and the most important factor which is the reputation of the designer.

The Interior Design Salary has potential to be a six figure income to the designer and usually when the designer has worked at a company for some time and has built up their reputation along with their client base, they will eventually branch off from the employer and open up their own design firm. They will then charge by the hourly rate which might bring their Interior Design Salary down somewhat while they are just getting started but once they get their own company off of the ground and have to start hiring interior designers themselves, then their Interior Design Salary will rocket through the roof and they will have a nice nest egg to sit on when they retire.