Simple Spring Terrys Plumbing Tips


Terrys Plumbing Tips

Many homeowners spend spring cleaning and renovating their homes. Homeowners should also check their Terrys Plumbing system for leaks and clogs to keep their home safe. This basic maintenance can keep your home functioning throughout the year by being done on an annual basis.

Perform a Water Heater Check Up

Your water heater may have been turned up when it was colder this winter. According to professionals, your water heater should be set at 120 degrees. Your water heater should not be set higher than recommended. This can cause scalding, and could also reduce the life expectancy of your heater.

While you are lowering the temperature, make sure to check your water heater for signs such as corrosion or leaks. You should look for any rust, puddles or soot near the control panel. For a second opinion, call a plumber if you notice signs of distress.

Water heaters can only last for around 10 years. Consider having your heater serviced annually if it is an older model.

Watch out for water leaks associated with Terrys Plumbing and outdoor faucets

Over the winter, outdoor pipes that are connected to sprinklers or faucets can freeze and burst. Watch out for water leaks in outdoor pipes after the temperatures have warmed. A water leak could indicate that your pipes have frozen and broken during winter.

Turn the Water Valves of Terrys Plumbing

Terrys Plumbing Over time, water valves can become difficult to turn. To prevent the parts from sticking, turn off your water valves once a year.

Make Sure to Inspect the Supply Hoses and Under Sinks

Check the water supply hoses to your clothes washer, dishwasher and other water-using appliances. You should look for signs such as moisture, rust, and corrosion.

Drain the Sediment from your Water Heater

Your water heater’s bottom can become clogged with sediment, which will reduce its efficiency. Your water heater’s life expectancy can be extended by draining it every year. We have written before about how to drain the sediment from your heater.

This task can take up to an hour depending on how old your water heater is and how experienced you are. You can hire a professional Terrys Plumbing if you are not confident in draining the water heater.

Check the Toilets for Leaks

To test for leaks in your toilet, you can put food coloring into its tank. Your toilet may have a leak if the water in your bowl changes color within half an hour.