Take care of your garden plants during winter

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If you are living in a cold climate, you do not know what to expect from the winter. Winter is the season that brings with it harsh weather and the garden plants have difficulties to resist these tumultuous conditions. But, if you want to maintain them in a great condition during the winter season, then you should start preparing them for the cold season, when it is still warm outside. During summer you may have snow in the garden, there will be multiple precipitations, and the plants from the garden may even froze. Your main goal is to bring your plants into spring in their best condition, because you want the next year, the flowers and trees to look even better than they have looked this year.

Prepare the roses for winter

Roses always have difficulties to come through the cold season, and in the spring, they have little damage. Sometimes it is their fault, because they refuse to go dormant and you have roses flowers even in October. But this is not good for their health, because if they are not dormant when the frost hits, it will cause them great damages.  In order to keep them healthy during the cold season you should buy from the market layers of protection especially designed for roses.

Store the bulbs in a warm spot

Bulbs hardly resist outdoors during winter, so you should not take the risk to lose them. All they need is to be stored in a warm place during winter. If you do not have space at home, you can rent a public storage St Louis and take there all the plants that require indoor placement during winter. During the winter months, you should make sure that your dahlia, canna and elephant ears bulbs are placed in boxes and kept in a warm space.

Bring the outdoor plants indoors

The majority of outdoor plants do not have a problem at adapting to indoor spaces during the cold season. They will handle better the winter temperatures if they will be brought inside, because they do not enjoy cool temperatures. Make sure that you do not place them in a spot where the sunlight is intense.

Geraniums can be indoors plants

People love geraniums, and they prefer to bring them indoors for the winter. There are people who keep them only indoors, no matter the season, because they are bloomed the most of the time. It is important they to be exposed to sunlight, if you want to keep them indoors the entire period of the year.

Cuttings are important

One important part from caring plants is to cut them regularly. The best way to store some plants for the next year is to take some cuttings from the ones you have in the garden. At the beginning, they will be small and they will grow slowly, but when the spring will come, they will be ready to be planted outdoors in the garden. Cuttings are a simple and inexpensive way to create new plants for the following year.