How to keep throw “squish pillows” fluffy?


How to keep throw squish pillows fluffy even if you have kids, pets, and a spouse

Throw squish pillows have become my favorite home decor accessory because they can be used in so many different ways. How do you keep throw squish pillows fluffy when everyone, including your kids and dog, is intent on throwing them, sitting upon them, squishing or abusing them? One little trick…

  • However, I believe in using throw squish pillows to make my family feel at home.
  • Hubby takes naps on the couch every day (hazards of getting up early for work).
  • The lap dog is a little bit obsessed with pillows and will squish them every chance he has.
  • The kids are able to sit on the pillows or throw them on the ground if they get in their way.

Foam inserts don’t work

So, feather inserts are my passion for all things throw pillows. These are my throw pillow rules. I have never bought a throw hiller plumbing pillow.

It has a foam insert, unless it has zipper. I can then replace the foam insert by a feather one.

If I could just buy a throw pillows COVER.

These rules will keep your squish pillows fluffy and nice. These rules also help me save space because I collect many throw pillows covers!

Tips on Buying Feather Inserts

  1. They are an investment.
  • I love saving money on everything home. Some things can be an investment.
  • A bed, a sofa, and pots and pans.
  • Throw pillows inserts are also recommended because they will last a lifetime.
  • Look for feather and down inserts Craigslist Albuquerque which can be washed easily and don’t shed too often.

We have been using the Ikea FJADRAR inserts for a long time. We still have plenty. They seem to lose tiny feathers as if that’s what they do.

2. Varietate the Sizes & Shapes squish pillows

We had the same square throw pillows for many years, thanks to our Ikea inserts. It was the same size as before. It was simple – you only need one insert and you always have the same size cover.

Squish Pillows Cushions

However, variety is the spice in life. If you take a look at photos of beautiful rooms on Instagram and Pinterest you will notice that there are many different shapes and sizes of throw squish pillows cushions. They look great and make the room seem more professional, even if they aren’t. You can choose how many pillows you want in your space.