Reasons Big Wall Art Is Best for Small Spaces

Home Improvement

Is big art better?

Many underestimate the significance of an artwork’s dimensions. Not only must it fit onto available wall space (or onto the ground in case of sculptures), but its size should have the desired impact and desired result. While art might often be purchased to fill space on our walls between family photos and bookcases or over chests holding old maps – art is much more than mere wall decoration! If you’re shipping artwork across borders or internationally, make sure that you hire experienced and professional shippers to transport it. Art comes in various forms – some pieces delicate while others more bulky – making this task more than daunting. Ship Smart has over 19 years of experience shipping art work of high value with care and expertise, creating custom-built crates to protect sculptures, statues, paintings and other forms of Art Shippers that require shipping. Ship Smart has extensive experience shipping fine art to some of the premier museums and galleries worldwide, giving our experts complete confidence to efficiently package and transport private collections of yours. In addition, we provide affordable insurance with full replacement coverage as well as full service pickup and online pricing; making Ship Smart an excellent option to transport valuable artworks.

Large art pieces have the power to transform rooms. Their presence adds energy, setting the scene and altering mood. Indeed, the size of an artwork should be taken into consideration as an artistic choice; larger artworks often stand out more from smaller ones due to their dimensions and impact. A big piece should be seen as part of the room and not an added feature – sometimes placing art work first can create striking results!

Contrary to popular belief, large wall art styles are not limited to offices or homes with ample spaces; they can also make an eye-catching statement in smaller rooms as they quickly attract attention and create the main focus point of any interior decor. Their minimalistic designs can maximize space utilization while making an eye-catching fashion statement.

Let’s examine how large artwork can add depth and dimension to smaller areas, whether at work or home.

Optimize your Space

Be mindful when decorating small spaces to abide by the “less is more” rule in terms of numbers. Use smaller but bigger design elements instead to maximize efficiency! Doing this won’t crowd your small square footage like filling it up with artifacts would do; to prevent that and add interest and charm to your home space! Use wall space creatively – use art as accent pieces!

Installing large wall art pieces may seem counter-intuitive in smaller rooms or homes, but it’s actually an excellent way to maximize the space available to you. Instead of decorating with multiple smaller pieces of wall art, consider choosing one large work instead for maximum impact – plus it’s practical and straightforward application! You’re simply adding to your living space’s aesthetic appeal by employing minimalist yet spacious decor pieces on your walls.

Add a Stunning Focal Point

Reduced space and smaller apartments often contain items with no aesthetic value, leaving an “empty design void”. Large wall art pieces can help fill this void and enhance its aesthetic value instantly – placing one at the focal point or centerpiece of any room can serve as the ideal way to fill them!

Create the Impression of More Space

Add large-scale wall art to your studio or small space and witness how instantly it transforms it, expanding its dimensions and making the area appear larger than it actually is. Just a few pieces can transform a space, giving it more airiness and spaciousness, which in turn makes your experience much more relaxing.

Complement the Home Style

If you live in a contemporary space with limited walls, adding CGI space-themed, urban, or astronaut wall artwork pieces may create a distinct contemporary vibe. Traditional homes with small families might consider adding surreal, natural, or flower head wall art that fits with both its architecture and timeless design elements for added impact.

Make a Bold Style Statement

Even if your apartment or house is small, that doesn’t preclude you from making an impactful style statement. Consider what could fill those empty walls, such as hanging up some artwork that speaks to you personally. Your living space says a lot about who you are as an individual based on its design.

Wall decor can help show your unique taste and style – nothing makes more of an impactful statement than large-scale wall art, which gives visitors the ability to appreciate who you truly are. It gives a good first impression by helping visitors see who you truly are!