Property development tips

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Are you passionate about selling and purchasing property, with an aptitude for hard work? Property development could be the ideal career path for you! Check out our top suggestions to discover more. Property development can be lucrative when designed properly but don’t over extend yourself financially or underestimate costs; our advice will guide your journey to become an effective property developer.

Hoi Hup Realty and Sunway were formed in Singapore in 1983, The Continuum offering real estate development expertise across a range of real estate businesses. Over the past four years they have actively purchased land through government land sales as well as exercise en bloc deals.

Hoi Hup Realty have completed numerous developments prior to The Continuum Condo. These projects include The Continuum Showflat, Waterford Residence, Sophia Hills at Mount Sophia, Whitley Residences and soon-to-be Terra Hill at Pasir Panjang.

Investigate the market before you buy

Research the types of buyers searching for homes in your area and consider their needs when designing your property. There’s no point considering building an expensive bachelor pad in an area popular among young families as this would restrict potential buyers.

Think about the investment

Before selling your house for sale in your region, take a close look at similar properties available for sale nearby, particularly new homes similar to what you are offering for sale. This will enable you to determine whether investing in this project can provide investment returns after completion as well as how much should be allocated towards renovation expenses or not.

Set yourself a budget

Making a property a home requires more than simply buying it; it requires making decisions based on personal style and taste alone when designing it. Luxurious bathrooms and kitchens may look amazing, but they cost much of your budget; potential buyers won’t pay extra for unnecessary items such as coffee makers and limestone tiles that won’t appeal to them anyway. A more budget-conscious approach may prove more appealing for potential buyers while costing less to install; consider including 20% in your budget to account for unexpected expenses.

Find a reliable builder

Be realistic about your abilities and hire experts for any tasks you cannot manage yourself. An incomplete job can become more costly in the long run; therefore, hiring an expert to complete it on time and within budget is necessary. DIY renovation projects may save money while providing opportunities for quick decision-making processes.

Get estimates from builders to find the most competitive pricing, and look at their work to get an idea of quality you can anticipate. Establish an accurate timeline of work required, and stick to it as closely as possible.

Make your property irresistible

Curb appeal is essential to drawing buyers in, so clear away clutter and create a welcoming entryway. Decorate using either rented, borrowed, or quality second-hand furniture so buyers can easily imagine how each space will be utilized. Keep your schemes modern yet neutral to avoid scaring buyers away with overly elaborate details that could put off potential purchasers.