Our favorite garage tools 



Who has ever worked on their car in the garage understands the importance of having the right tools on hand. The last thing you want is to have your car apart and be looking for tool storage. Whether you’re putting together your first garage or wanting to learn what tools you need to have on hand, below are some of the essentials to have in your garage if you use it to work on your car.

Elevation – While this is not essential, it certainly needs to be considered if you will be working on cars. It’s the safest way to see the landing gear and makes any job easier. If this is not in your immediate budget, a sturdy ramp will suffice for the moment, along with an air jack.

Socket set and Ratchet Wrench Set – Since cars come in all shapes and sizes, makes, and models, it is important to have all sizes available. You should make sure you have metric and standard sizes on hand.

Wrenches, pliers, and screwdrivers, the complete set.

Clamps, car jack, bolts, screws, knife, hammer, and clamps are minor tools that should be kept.

Heavy-duty shop gloves and glasses work to protect you from debris and hot or sharp items.

Pressure Washer: It is essential to clean the garage after working with grease and oil.

Air Compressor – This will make it easier to use all tools that produce air and also to inflate tires.

Toolbox – In order to keep your tools for use whenever they are needed, a toolbox will make finding your tools easier.

Work Light – Adequate lighting is necessary for jobs that require you to enter and under a vehicle. There are many types available. Some work lights are clipped on and can be placed anywhere you are working to give you maximum illumination, while others are placed around the area to enhance the existing light.

Wall Pegs – will help keep your largest tools out of sight and help keep your garage free for a better workspace.

While you can never have all the tools available, having the basics on hand will allow you to complete almost any job without the stress of a missing tool. Having these items on hand will give you a great start in your garage, and you can always complete as time goes on.

When you look garage, do you have pliers, hammers, sockets, wrenches, and other tools everywhere? Chances are, if you’re like many other homeowners, you’ve allowed your collection of tools to accumulate and spread throughout the garage. When situations like this happen, you need a new garage tool organizer to help you keep track of your equipment and have it on hand so you can find the right tool when you need it. However, you can’t just go out and buy a garage tool organizer, because you will have to think about how many tools you intend to have for years to come.

For Small Equipment Collections: You can probably get away with buying a small toolbox that has separate dividers to keep your tools organized. For most homeowners, this little toolbox is all they will need in order to find the right tool for the job very quickly.