Nursery Décor Inspiration

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It’s never too early to appreciate a beautifully designed nursery. It’s time to get ready for your new arrival and what better way that putting your own stamp on a beautiful new space for your little one to enjoy as they grow up. Looking firstly at what you’re going to use the room for, assess exactly what you need and the space you have to work with. We’re here to share some beautiful ideas for your nursery. 

Colour Scheme

Starting with your colour scheme, beginning with a neutral base is perfect for your nursery. Warm colours are soothing for both you and the baby and gives you a solid base for introducing pastel colours at a later date should you wish. Polka dots or woodland animals are a popular choice in a nursery room, creating a beautifully innocent style, perfect for a baby and young child. Having a neutral base makes colour scheme alterations much easier as your child grows up.

Feature Furniture

Feature furniture is a beautiful, subtle, décor statement for your baby’s room. The cot really is the main feature in any nursery so opting for an elegant wooden design with complementing bedding is perfect for completing the room. Do you research on the safest cot for your little one, check out all the reviews and make sure what you are buying is fit for use. The cot really makes a statement in any nursery, so dressing this with beautiful bedding is very fitting. We recommend taking a neutral approach here and adding in any colour as they grow older.

Soft Furnishings 

It’s time to kit the room out with the most beautiful soft furnishings. From teddy rugs to soft knit throws over feeding chairs and hanging little dressing gowns and towels off the back of the door. Soft furnishings make a soft and subtle statement without over texturizing the room and spoiling the dynamic. Soft textures are the foundations of a perfect nursery. When we think about a new baby, we think warmth, soft, sweet, and innocent. Therefore, it’s important to reflect this in the nursery. We recommend including soft, sweeping made to measure curtains paired with elegant roman blinds to keep the light out and dress the window beautifully. 


Accessories are the perfect final addition to your nursery. Find a running theme and incorporate this into your décor choices. For example, woodland, polka dot, stripes, or florals. For a nursery, animal themed bookshelves, book ends, hooks, and woven baskets are adorable little statements for the room. Another popular choice is wooden toys. They provide a double use from aesthetic purposes to providing entertainment for your little one, not to mention more hygienic!