How to Move Your House Without Burning A Hole In Your Pocket

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Moving is always full of challenges. No matter how well you prepare, there will always be some expenses that you cannot avoid. For example, you may have to pay double rent and utility bills. At the same time, you also need a good mover to keep your stuff safe. Still, what you can do is control costs by planning ahead. You definitely don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket. This is a quick guide to help you solve this problem. For Singapore house mover information, please visit our website. 

  1. Hire a good Singapore mover

With the risk that the statement is obvious, you must take a good mover in Singapore . You may tend to choose the cheaper option, but remember that the best option has a lot of experience. They know how to pack safely. From your king -size bed to the crisp and delicate dishes, everything will be safe. This way, you can save a lot of hard -earned money, so as not to use it to repair damage.

Want to know how to find out if the mover is good? Well, first of all, check out their comments on their website and social media. Find out what people think of their services. Next ask relevant questions. Ask if they train employees on a regular basis. Do they have insurance? How do they wrap fragile items? When should you pay for the service? 

  1. Cheaper on weekdays

Want to save extra money? Try booking a Singapore moving service on weekdays. Generally, people tend to move on weekends. This resulted in a crowded relocation with appointments. So you don’t talk much at the time the movement starts that day. But if you can somehow relax in the middle of the week, it will be easier to carry in your pocket. Movers offer cheaper prices on weekdays. As an added bonus, you can set the time according to free time.

  1. Note the packaging

Movers started packing the biggest stuff first. Make sure your space is open and your corridors are unobstructed so they can enter beds, sofas, dining tables, etc. Easily. This will save a lot of time for the resettlement team, thus reducing billable time.

Another good method to save money is to avoid damage. Make sure the boxes are stacked neatly and not overflowing. Boxes opened during movement can cause a waste of time, resources and money. You don’t want your pretty dress torn in half, do you?

You can also put all the small items in a cardboard box before actually moving. These boxes must be easy to move. You will see a drastic reduction in movement time.

  1. Reduce moving costs by packing all the smaller items and taking them with you

It feels easy to move but the cost is a bit high? By requiring a moving team to move only larger items, you can be a real money saver. Pack leftovers and take them with you. 

  1. Don’t hesitate to ask for help

Moving costs will increase quickly, especially when you also choose a package service. You can save costs by asking your friends and family to help pack it. Cook them as food. Be sure to label the boxes correctly. Unpacking will be more fun!

You can also ask them if they have spare boxes left over from online shopping or when they moved earlier. You can also request cardboard boxes at local cafes, shops and supermarkets. Most likely, they will give you free because they have leftovers every week. Unable to find a free box? Request a moving quote in Singapore from the mover of your choice. Ask if they can provide additional cardboard boxes.