Information on LED Grow Lights: Do You Need LED Lights for Your Plants?

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As we all know, plants require light in order to thrive. Artificial light can help indoor plants thrive. Because LEDs are long-lasting and require low energy, most lighting options today use them. Are LED lights suitable for growing plants? Traditional grow lights were either incandescent or fluorescent. Let’s find out which LED grow light is best. Continue reading to learn more about LED grow lights that will help make informed decisions before you buy plant lights. Mars Hydro is a company which provides a viable and commercially viable LED grow lights that are suitable for indoor growing horticulture. They provide lighting solutions for the cultivation of medicinal and food crops in addition to efficient components and scientific designs.

What do LED Grow Lights Do?

Although LED grow lights are relatively new in horticulture, NASA has been studying them since decades. Is LED lighting better than traditional grow light? It all depends on the crop they are used for, as well as energy and economic costs.

While you can achieve good growth with one or both of the colors, combining them will produce better yields and healthier plants that will grow faster. To improve the performance of your plants, LED lights can be modified to emit either long or short light waves and certain levels.

Are LED lights better?

There are many differences between LED lights, grow lights, and other lights. Although LED lights are more expensive, they last twice as long than other lights. They also consume less energy, which can help you save money.

The bulbs are also resistant to gas, mercury, lead and breakable filament. LEDs can be placed closer to plants than other grow lights and are therefore less likely to burn leaves. Are LED lights worth it? This question can be answered by looking at the initial cost and duration of your grow light setup.

Information on Specific LED Grow Lights

Consider the fact that LED bulbs are 80% more efficient than conventional lighting. They convert 80% of their energy into light. Good LED lights draw less electricity and produce brighter light than regular grow bulbs. Modern LED lights can be designed to emit less heat by using heat sinks or diverting heat away. This is a strong argument for LED lights. However, if you’re a beginner gardener or don’t want too much money to invest in your indoor gardening system, traditional grow light will still work. Keep in mind that energy and replacement costs will be lower as the time passes.