Tempered Glass or “Hurricane Glass”

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Which is the best choice for your home?

Glass can be used in many hurricane glass ways, including packaging, automotive, tableware, and medicine. Glass has become a popular material in interior design, furniture, and housing. Glass has become a favorite of homeowners due to its airiness, modern design, durability, beauty, and beauty.

Different types of glass can be used in different situations. Hurricane glass and tempered are two of the most popular types.

What is Hurricane glass and Tempered Glass different?

This is what you should have seen with your car. The glass will still be intact even after impact, you may wonder. It is laminated. Laminated tempered glass is often referred to as safety or security glass.

Tempered glass, on the other hand is stronger than hurricane glass. It is stronger than glass, which breaks into tiny, harmless pieces. It is four times more strong than regular glass. The treatment or lamination is what makes hurricane glass different from tempered glass. glass can be laminated or treated with tempered glass.

Different features

Although laminated and tempered glass have many similarities, they are very different. These are the main differences between the glass types.


Tempered glass is glass that has been subject to heat or chemical treatment. This puts it in compression and gives it strength. Laminate glass is made up of several layers of tempered glass sandwiched between layers of plastic. This plastic makes the glass strong even when it is exposed to pressure.

Pattern after Breaking

glass is a bonded layer of plastic that breaks down when it crashes. Broken glass forms a spiderweb pattern. Tempered glass on the other side breaks down into small, harmless pieces when it is crashed. It does not break completely.

Fire Resistance

glass is less combustible than laminated glass. This is because of the plastic layer that has bar been bonded to the glass. Tempered glass has a thermal resistance of up to 250 degrees Celsius.

Pressure Sensitivity Hurricane Glass

Drilling hurricane glass is possible. Tempered glass, however, is not able to be drill because it is extremely sensitive to pressure. It will shatter.

There is a difference in the uses of Hurricane Glass and Tempered Glass

Because of their different features, they have different uses. These are some of the many ways they can be used.

Sound control hurricane glass

Hurricane, also known as laminated or hurricane, has sound-resistant properties. This property is not available in tempered glass. Laminate glass is preferred by property and home owners for sound control.