How to Transform Your Basement Into a Study

Home Improvement

One of the rooms with immense potential to be something other than random storage spaces for unnecessary things is the basement. Most households seem to underestimate the basement’s power in fear of wasting time and resources on renovation. Many of us neglect to notice that the current market offers multi-purpose materials like magnesium oxide boards, which are extremely affordable and versatile.

By making smart purchases like these, you can transform your basement without breaking the bank. Since most of us have been working and studying from home this past year, it’s high time to create a space where you can work undisturbed. Here are some tips on how to successfully turn your dark basement into the study of your dreams.

Evaluate and Inspect

Before making any hasty decisions or purchases, you should:

  1. Take a closer look at your basement space.
  2. Make sure you inspect every nook and cranny, so you can make further plans accordingly.
  3. Pay special attention to the ceiling and floor and check for any signs of leaks or mold.

This might seem like an unnecessary hassle, but it will help you get a clear perspective on just how much investment this renovation will require. This way, you’ll have insight into whether your basement needs a few touch-ups that you can take care of with a magnesium board. Or whether you’ll need to hire contractors to rebuild the space completely.

Once the assessment is all done, you’ll be able to go to the next step of your renovation project.

Get Down to Business

Now that you have a clearer picture of what needs to be done, it’s time to turn up your sleeves and do some hard work. Since these are below-the-ground rooms, they are highly likely to suffer from condensation. This is a fairly common occurrence due to the moist air coming in contact with the basement’s cold walls. This leads to mold formation, wall stains, wood decay of headers and columns.

The best way to prevent this is by using building materials that will keep moisture away to a certain extent. Magnesium oxide boards are an excellent choice because they are moisture-resistant and extremely versatile. This means that you will be able to use a MgO board in renovating or building your walls, ceilings, and floors. Another advantage of these boards is their easy installation process. A MgO board will help you save time to later invest in decoration or some other home renovation project.

Once you’ve made sure your basement is moisture-free, you can continue creating your dream study by painting the walls and ceiling and setting up floors. A good tip is to paint the walls a neutral color that will not put a strain on your eyes.

Placement Is Important

Since most of the major work is out of the way, you can finally focus on planning the layout of your new study. Most basements are dark, so getting appropriate lighting is extremely important, even more so since you are furnishing a study. Interior designers suggest getting bright lights with a higher blue content because they will keep you more alert and awake.

Another important aspect of a study is getting the perfect desk and chair. Don’t get ahead of yourself and purchase the first piece of furniture that catches your eye. You need to measure the room beforehand to make sure any element you decide to buy fits. When purchasing a desk and a chair, consider the comfort and sturdiness, not just their design.

Pro tip — Check whether your furniture is near any power outlets and plan its placement before doing the wiring.

Finishing Touches

We’re almost there to create your perfect study; only a few finishing touches await. Selecting the right storage option is as important as everything else. Interior designers suggest going for easily adaptable shelving designs, which can expand when necessary. Remember to select shelves that can be easily moved if you ever decide to change your furniture layout.

Store all of your important documents in binders or decorative boxes. Not only do they look pleasing to the eye, but they will prevent desk clutter. Bring in all of your other necessities and enjoy the peace and quiet of your new study room.