How to Properly Plan Your Office Workstations

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Like it or not, a good number of people spend up to 70% of their daytime at their workplace. This means the bulk of your waking hours is usually spent at your work station and the way your office looks will determine, to a large extent, your work output. Studies have actually shown that the state of our environment is a pointer to the state of our minds. If your work environment is well kept and properly planned, it goes to show that your mind is in an organized state, and vice versa. To properly plan an office workstation that will increase your productivity rather than diminish it, you will need to consider these basic features that will help you create a set up that achieves just that.

The right furniture

One of the most important things for a workstation is getting the right office furniture Houston business should understand this. The wrong furnishing can make or mar an office space. Your desk should be able to let you type on the keyboard with your arms and hands parallel to the floor and your feet flat on the floor with your legs comfortably fitted under the desk. Many desks these days have height-adjustable legs, rather than the fixed 29 inches height. This is a great innovation because no one size fits all.  A good chair is ergonomically friendly if it has lumbar support, seat depth, chair height and recline ability.


Lighting is very crucial to the proper planning of your workspace. Having an ideal workspace is highly influenced by lighting because it affects your mood and your well-being. A poorly lit room can increase the strain on the eyes, stress and fatigue. Natural light and natural views tend to reduce stress, improve mood and morale.  


Too often we deal with noise and this does no good for an optimal work-life. A properly planned office work station should be free of noise as much as possible. Although, it is hard to drown most noises especially difficult to control noise such as traffic, other people’s conversations, and even keyboard clicks. However, a good pair of noise-canceling headphones or earmuffs will surely come in handy at those times when you need absolute and total concentration with work being done. If you can, you can make your office area soundproof.


Colors express varying emotions and should be carefully chosen when creating the ideal office space. Red is energizing and warming, and can be perceived as aggressive. Blue can be a thought-aider, and stimulate concentration and communication, but might seem cold. Yellow is spirit-lifting, but the wrong tone can feel anxious. White gives space but can be a strain to look at and gray is neutral and can come off as depressing if the wrong tone is used. You may blend good colors with office furniture; Houston has some great furniture makers. 

It is very important that you create a work station where you want to be in, not away from.  This is because, like it or not, your workspace, especially your office furniture, can wear you down faster than you should be.