How to Paint a Wall Mural

Home Improvement

The most important prerequisites for painting a wall mural are excitement for the job and endurance. You are painting a huge area and it is going to take some time, but the benefits make it worthwhile. If you have never painted a mural earlier, do not panic. You will just be employing the painting abilities you’ve got from ordinary painting.

Get a Surface and receive Your Mural Style on the Wall

Gently clean the wall to remove any dust and dirt, and leave it. Consider applying a new coat of primer or paint before beginning your layout, particularly if there are color variations on the wall.

Tools Required

3-in. chip paintbrush

Artist paint brushes


Drop cloth

Paint tray


Materials Required

Acrylic artist paint


Latex wall paint

Painter’s tape

Soap and water solution

The simplest way to move the Wall Murals design to the wall would be to utilize the grid technique. As you become more experienced, you will probably find you sketch out the design in less detail about the wall.

In other words, to grid a layout, you draw on a pair of 1″ or 5cm squares throughout your initial layout and a grid on the wall that has got exactly the exact same amount of squares but they’re substantially bigger. Then you use the squares to direct you while you redraw the plan on the wall.

What Paint to Use

If the mural will be exposed to sunlight, you’ll want paint that will endure to this. Examine the lightfastness (UV) attributes of the paint you are likely to use.

Quality oil mural paints would be perfect, but assess your budget since they might work out too pricey for the entire mural. If that is true, use them to the specifics and ‘normal’ family paint for obstructing in the beneath layers or massive areas. Pick paint using a matte or eggshell finish so light does not reflect off the mural.

In case your wall mural is available to little children with their inevitable sweaty hands, shield the mural using a last coating of protective clear varnish, which also makes cleaning it simple.

Tips for Painting

Don’t forget to measure back frequently and see exactly what the mural looks enjoy from an area. A wall mural should ‘look right’ whether you are close-up or simply entered the space. Step back for some perspective on what you have done.

Use decent brushes; cheap ones can make it harder work.

For lots of useful information, read this mural painting Info sheet out of golden paints. It is directed toward outside murals but is pertinent to inside murals too.