How planting trees can help fight climate change


Our planet is being seriously threatened by the global climate crisis we are currently experiencing. Experts predict that the average temperature will rise by 3-4 degrees by 2100, with more dramatic increases at the poles than on land. It will not be possible to reverse the trend once we reach a tipping point. We all have to do our part to make this a reality. Even the simplest things like planting trees can make a difference. Bark and Branch tree surgeons in Manchester specialists are experts in the field of vegetation management including trees and the invasive plants. We complete all of the tree surgery, tree & clearance work, as well as vegetation and invasive weed control work with conviction and dedication to providing top-quality customer service and professionalism right from the beginning to finish of every job we undertake.

What can trees do to combat climate change?

Trees can be used as a carbon storage and capturing tool. Photosynthesis allows them to absorb carbon from the atmosphere and store it for many years.

Each part of a wood ecosystem has a vital role in locking away carbon. This includes leaves, roots and living and deadwood. A young wood with a mix of native species can store up to 400 tonnes of carbon per hectare.

Trees do more than simply store carbon. Trees can also help prevent flooding, lower urban temperatures, reduce pollution, and enrich the soil.

To achieve carbon net zero, planting trees is the best way to go.

While there are other ways to reduce carbon emissions than planting trees, it is the best way to go. But it’s quite a project. The UK would need to have at least 19% woodland coverage to meet its 2050 goal of becoming carbon net zero. This is equivalent to planning 1.5 million hectares more woodland.

There is plenty of land for trees, which is the good news. Scientists have already identified areas in Europe where trees could be planted. This would not affect urban agriculture. It is crucial to plant the right tree at the right spot. It is important to plant native trees where they can thrive. This will make woodlands more diverse and more resistant to diseases, pests, and climate change.

How can we all help protect and plant trees?

There are many ways that everyone can help to plant and protect trees and woods.

The Woodland Trust works tirelessly to protect the UK’s forest heritage. You can make a difference by becoming a member, supporting the Woodland Trust shop, or planting a tree in the garden. You can also get grants and funding to help you plant large trees in your community.

The Woodland Trust tree shop can help you purchase native trees.

Tree care

It is important to take care of your trees professionally if you are going to plant a tree and join the fight against climate change. If you want your tree to be in good health and absorb carbon as much as possible, regular pruning, pest and disease control, and dead wooding are essential.

Do you need professional help caring for your trees and shrubs? Whether you are a new planter or an experienced gardener who needs some help, the experts at TH Trees Ltd can help. You are welcome to contact us for personalised assistance.