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Fast becoming a nationwide merchant, Garden Ridge Corporation functions

Ridge Corporation operates a series of More than 25 shops scattered through the southern and southeastern United States. Strictly a Texas-based merchant until 1995,  Ridge hastened its growth following a May 1995 conversion to public ownership. Direction during the late 1990s estimated the corporation will run on a nationwide basis and generate sales in excess of $1 billion from the early 21st century. The impetus for the series’s rapid expansion throughout the latter half of the 1990s originated from an effective overhaul of the organization’s plan and retail theory throughout the early 1990s. Spearheaded by the provider’s chairman and chief executive officer, Armand Shapiro, the modifications centered on revamping and coordinating the shops’ floor plan and design. Product, 70 percent of that was personal tag, was categorized into ten sections: home accents; dried and silk flowers; pottery; crafts; housewares; scents and candles; baskets; celebration supplies; frames and pictures; and holiday decorations. Roughly 25% of their organization’s total earnings were derived from dried and silk flower sales. The normal  Ridge store quantified 125,000 square feet.


Garden Ridge was set by a Texas businessman Called Eric White, who opened his first shop in San Antonio in 1979. Over the course of the following decade, White started two of the” Ridge Pottery” shops, demonstrating every one of his home state of Texas. From 1988 White was prepared to retire, and he offered his firm to a group of shareholders, signaling the conclusion of a comparatively serene very first decade of company for its three-store chain. Under new ownership, nevertheless, Garden Ridge experienced the damaging problems commonly endured by startup businesses, since the White age of management was shown to be the calm before the storm. Garden Ridge’s new supervisors were inept, fast steering the modestly sized company toward financial ruin. The shareholders were shackled by significant debt incurred by buying the business out of White, they executed ill-conceived fluctuations in the series’s merchandising plan, and they failed miserably in a bid to expand. In a matter of weeks, the Garden Ridge was headed toward insolvency, prompting the band of shareholders to place the business on the market. In 1990 Ridge was offered to another management team that comprised two people who’d be liable for raising the organization’s comeback; their titles were Armand Shapiro and Jack Lewis.

Shapiro arrived in Ridge at February 1990, only after the firm declared its latest annual financial totals. The 3 shops had generated $44 million in earnings and lost $2.9 million, providing concrete proof that sweeping changes required to be produced. Shapiro graduated with a diploma in engineering and architecture in New York’s Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, developing a academic footing which, in his words,”was excellent training about the best way best to consider, analyze, and resolve problems… a terrific backdrop for retail” From the early 1980s he combined a computer retail chain based in Houston called Computer-Craft, he developed into a workable notion ahead of technology its growth into a six-state series as the organization’s president. Faced with the challenge of changing Ridge to a workable idea, Shapiro enjoyed the assistance of a second ComputerCraft executive, Jack Lewis. Lewis had spent 25 years working for Sears, Roebuck & Co., dividing his attempts between home fashion purchasing and advertising and domestic advertisements. In 1989 he was appointed vice-president of ComputerCraft, 1 year later Shapiro had abandoned ComputerCraft to combine a company named Modern Furniture Rentals Inc. as chief operating officer. In 1990 the group joined forces and started transforming Garden Ridge to a profitable retail series.

Exactly what Shapiro and Lewis needed to operate with and Correct were enormous, cluttered shops that confused clients and consequently Lost cash. The Garden Ridge units were 250,000-square-foot giants carried with Product with diversity which went one step beyond that which might be described as eclectic. To many, the Ridge’s product was an unfathomable heap. Inside, Clients were faced with disparate product categories that included Automotive components, jewelry, pet supplies, yard equipment, and toys, all Confusingly arranged in small, darkened rooms. The store design and merchandising Plan was confounding, however amazingly the Garden Ridge title had cultivated Considerable customer loyalty.