Five Reasons Why You Need A Small Pool


In pictures of gorgeous houses and in the backyards of your neighbours, you may be used to seeing a large family pool. So many TV shows and movies stylise having huge swimming pools and it can cause dreaming pool owners to give up on their vision of one day owning a pool if their backyard is small. However, that is not always the case and generally, a lot of pool companies enjoy advertising their small pool range because they want everyone to have the best chance at being able to own a pool.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss the five reasons why you should consider purchasing a small pool. Not just because of size constraints in your backyard, but because of other reasons as well.

Reason 1: Less Maintenance

In your research for potentially purchasing a pool, you would have come across many articles about how pools can be a lot of maintenance. And if you want the maintenance to be lessened, automating your pool is the best option (but it can be expensive).

A small fibreglass pool means that the maintenance for the pool will be a lot less than a typically sized pool. You can rest assured that all you have to do is make sure the water pH level is stable and the water is safe to swim in and you can hop in and have a dip.

Reason 2: Cost

It’s no secret that larger pools require more money to be invested into installing and purchasing it. Bigger pools obviously need more water and filling it up can knock a hole in your water bill for a while. Smaller pools are cheaper to purchase and install as less work needs to go into it. When pools are installed, the ground needs to be dug out and that can take time and the work of an excavator (which costs money).

Smaller pools can save you the heartache of spending a lot of money on your first pool, especially if the backyard space isn’t there.

Reason 3: Backyard Space

Property size has downsized in recent years, meaning that the dream of owning a pool may have diminished long with it. However, like we stated above, many pool companies now stock smaller pools to cater to this new territory. Small pools mean that  you can own a pool, even though your backyard space doesn’t have the space needed for a larger one.

Small backyards can snugly fit a small pool, without taking away from the overall space. Some pool owners even prefer purchasing a smaller pool even though they have space for a larger pool because they still want heaps of backyard space.

Reason 4: Increased Property Value

You may think that just because you want to purchase a small pool that the value of the house won’t increase as much. You would be right in assuming that. Smaller pools don’t hold as much value as larger pools do when it comes to increasing property value. However, this doesn’t mean that they don’t hold any value at all. A pool is still a pool and regardless of its size, it does increase the value of your property. Some people don’t feel the need for a large pool and would much prefer a smaller pool to fit their needs better.

With the property market rising, now is the time to invest in installing a small pool to future proof your property if you ever want to sell it. A small pool allows potential house buyers to have the best of both worlds, compared to the ones who have to choose between a large family pool or no pool at all.

Reason 5: It’s Fun!

Swimming pools can be heaps of fun for you and the family. Smaller pools also mean that you can enjoy sitting in your pool for a cooldown. You can utilise the space for entertaining or for a focal point to build your backyard features around (though we personally think that your pool will be the main feature!).

Imagine coming home after a long day at work and you know you have a relaxing pool waiting for you to sink into and let the day’s stress wash away. Plus, there are plenty of pool toys and accessories out in the market that allow you to personalise your pool area.

A small swimming pool allows you to achieve the dream of being a pool owner, while cutting costs on maintenance and installation costs. Plus, if you choose the right kind of pool, you can still swim in it like one of the larger pools.

To Conclude:

We think that owning a small pool has many advantages. These reasons only scratch the surface of why you should consider a small pool and we encourage you to do as much research as you can before making a decision. Just like larger pools, you are still investing a large amount of money into installing the pool and purchasing it and once the hole is dug, there’s no going back. Unless you want to turn your hole in the ground into a skateboard bowl.

Small pools have all the fun of a big pool, with probably less than half the costs needed to run it. It is the perfect addition to your backyard space, even if its a small one. Pools are incredibly good investments and they can add value to your property, and small pools are no exception.

Knowing all the facts before purchasing a pool can save you pricey mistakes, plus it can make the process all the more smoother. Here at (POOL COMPANY), we have a qualified team of pool experts who can help you decide between our range of pool sizes to best get your fit for your backyard. Contact us today so we can help you make the right decision on what pool to purchase!

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