4 Backyard Improvements to Encourage Greater Outdoor Use

Home Improvement

When the backyard is unattractive or uninspiring, you might think twice about spending time out there. It’s always better to make improvements sooner rather than later. That way, they’re ready to be enjoyed in the summer months and beyond. Also, there’s no regret about failing to get to the changes sooner and missing out.

Here are 4 backyard improvements that might be on the cards this year.

Create a Zen Landscape

If you find the indoors to be too cluttered and you need to spread your wings, the outdoors usually beckons. A zen landscape design is perfect for zoning out and clearing your mind. They were originally intended for use by people who meditate. While you can certainly do that in the garden once it’s completed, they’re also great just to relax in a calm place. So, don’t feel that meditation is necessary to enjoy a Zen garden of your own.

When you want to strip away most of the lawn and focus on dry landscapes, take your cue from Japanese rock gardens. These mostly use stone, rocks and sand, with a little bit of shrubbery on the side rather than an extensive lawn. They are peaceful to sit and relax in while also being extremely low maintenance.

Expand the Patio

When you don’t enjoy the lawn as much and merely find it a work-hog on the weekends, then extending the patio to create an expanded outdoor living space may be preferable.

It will certainly shorten the lawn, but in doing so, the patio will become deeper, allowing for larger furniture to seat a greater number of guests. It’ll also be possible to include enlarged plant pots, a bigger barbeque off to one side, and still have enough seating or an outdoor dining area.

It may be necessary to knock down and create a new retaining wall when expanding the patio area and removing part of the turf, but that’s all just part of what’ll be required.

Add a Deck

A deck provides a better vantage point for the garden and any extended views. When the deck begins at the back wall, it’s possible to walk straight out using twin back patio doors directly onto it.

Decks can be created with any dimensions and shape required, depending on what’s currently available with the outdoor area. While choosing a preferred wood species is desirable, do consider how it will affect longevity and upkeep to protect it. Some species are less suited to be used for decking. Be sure to discuss this with a decking provider to get their opinion because they will likely be experienced in repairing older decks too.

Create a Garden Seating Area

Setting up a garden seating area is useful when there’s either no patio, it’s too small for the gathering, or separate groups wish to sit apart. When you have a tree that partly overhangs the lawn, it’s ideal to hang some lights to make evenings more comfortable. However, standing light solutions work well too. Also, if you’re fond of sitting out late in the evening, an outdoor heater for gardens is perfect. They’re safer to use and put out a good deal of warmth to avoid needing to go indoors sooner.

By making changes now, you’ll be ready to enjoy the summer months without any regrets about not acting sooner.