Electric Safety Tips Every Homeowner Needs to Know


It’s simple: flip a switch, and the light turns on. It’s not easy to work with electricity.

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The power is off

Before you start working on any electrical project, it is important to turn off the power supply at the circuit breaker box. This is the only way you can ensure there is no power running to what you are doing. This is an important step.

Extension cords should not be used for prolonged periods of time.

While extension cords can be useful for temporary tasks, they should not serve as a permanent source. An electrician should be called if you notice that you are using extension cords in your room.

Your outlets should be childproofed

You should invest in tamper-resistant receptacles if you have children or plan to have them in the future. Children naturally are curious, and outlets are the right size to allow them to reach in and get hurt. There are many outlet covers available on the market. The most effective ones are spring-loaded, which cover the outlet automatically when it isn’t in use.

Do not overload your outlets

Each outlet is intended to produce a specific amount of energy. It can be dangerous to plug multiple high-wattage appliances into the same outlet. Rearrange your appliances to reduce stress on one outlet.

Not a good sign are warm outlets

An electrician should be called if an outlet feels warm or flips the circuit breaker constantly. Warm outlets could indicate a poor connection, which can cause fires or other dangers.

Look for ground fault circuit interrupters, GFCI’s.

A GFCI should be installed in any room with running water. GFCIs turn off electrical current when it senses that the circuit is a danger to the environment. These are mandatory in newer homes. However, if you live in an older house, you will need to make sure that the GFCI’s are in your bathrooms, kitchen, and laundry room. Install them if they aren’t.

When to call a professional

For help if you are unsure of what to do, contact an expert. An electrician can help prevent accidents that could cause fires or shocks down the road.