Make a comparison between Down and Down Alternative Comforters

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Shopping for comforters can be difficult. They come in all shapes, sizes, and designs and it’s hard to know where to start. To help all those prospective comforter customers out there, we wanted to compare down and down alternative comforters.

To decide which comforter to buy can be a difficult choice. There are so many shapes and designs of them that you will get lost in the sea of comforters. But, you should always take your first step, and deciding on whether to buy a down comforter or a down alternative comforter could be a good beginning.

This article will make a representation of both benefits and limitations of the two kinds, making a comparison that is clear enough for you to easily purchase the information you need and help you make the decision.

Should You Choose A Down Comforter?

If you prefer comforters that are fluffier;

If you are a hot sleeper but still want to sleep warm;

If you want comforters that can last longer.

Should You Choose A Down Alternative Comforter?

If you have trouble with allergies;

If you want to spend less on the purchase;

If you hate the fact of down being unethical.

What Are The Differences Between Them?

Though they look pretty similar from the outside, you will find them quite different in various aspects after reading the following paragraphs.


It’s easy to understand that down comforters, just as the name suggests, are filled with down, which are collected from ducks and geese.

Down alternative comforters, however, are filled with different materials, such as cotton or polyester, a synthetic material.


Down comforters and down alternative comforters are very different in fill power, which is an important index if you want to know whether the comforter is fluffy. Down comforters, with a usually higher fill power, are always fluffier than the other kind. When making comparisons with equal amounts of the two fills, down will expand more and take up more space.

Warmth And Breathability

Considering its being high in fill power, there is no doubt that down comforters will generally exceed down alternative comforters in warmth. When equal in warmth, down alternative comforters will weigh more with their fillings.

Also, being light and warm, down comforters are more breathable because of the more room in the comforters for air to flow through due to the expansion of their fillings.


However, with so many advantages, down comforters still have one Achilles’s heel, that is their fillings will easily trap allergens such as pollen and dust mites. Sleepers may have bad sleeping experience because of this, or even be aroused of allergies.

Thus, down alternative comforters win a round since they are free from this trouble. Being hypoallergenic makes them more suitable for people with allergies.


Another advantage of down alternative comforters is that they can be directly thrown into the washer or dryer and easily be cleaned and dried.

Down comforters, however, bring more trouble in the process of cleaning. You may need the help of a dry cleaner or a laundromat or you may do harm to the comforter while cleaning them at home.


Though down alternative comforters are machine washable, their outer shell will get frayed and inner fill break down. Consider less the fact that has just been mentioned, down comforters are more durable because of the fill inside them.


When taking all the factors above into consideration, price, as a deciding factor, should not be forgotten. While the quality of fill may carry some weight, generally, down comforters are more expensive than down alternative comforters, which cost more during its harvest and process.

Which Is Better?

The judgment should not be made without being combined with the specific situation of shoppers. People with different needs and problems will make a different match. Whichever comforter you favor, Puredown can provide you with products high in quality and guaranteed in filling materials, doing their better to reach your satisfaction.