Creating a Chic Interior


A chic interior is easily created through the right research and budget. Explore the latest trends below to create a beautiful chic interior inside your home and stay on trend this season.

Colour Scheme 

Keep the tones simple. Nothing screams less chic than an overpowering colour scheme so keep the tones neutral and classic. Colours to consider are wood, white, grey and black. They give a beautiful base to begin your chic interior journey. Start by ensuring your walls are painted a beautiful shade of white, this doesn’t have to be a brilliant white if that’s not your thing. The darker colours such as black are best used for your accessories and accent décor, for the little pops of contrast across the room. Be sure to have a light flooring to allow your accent décor to really make the statement it needs to create a beautiful chic interior.

Accent Décor 

Accent décor ranges from vases and faux flowers to throws, rugs and statement pieces. Keeping these pieces as a contrasting colour is an elegant way to create a chic interior aesthetic. Buster & Punch have a beautiful range of accent pieces and statement items to place in your home. Unusual pieces in natural materials always make a statement, particularly as part of a chic interior design. In this case, however, less really is more. 

Image Credit: Buster & Punch

Built-In Storage 

If your home has alcoves filled with furniture, consider adding some built-in storage to conceal clutter, use for extra storage and create a light and airy space that isn’t overcrowded by bulky cabinets and side boards. Creating layers and textures to achieve a chic interior has never been so useful when it comes to adding extra storage. The additional benefit of this is the shelving can double up as space to add your extra pieces of décor and chic artwork.

Image Credit: Décor Bay

 Hardware Finish

The finish on your hardware can transform an old piece of furniture into a timeless piece for your chic interior. Consider a darker tone for your hardware finish to create a beautiful contrast. Make sure you don’t scrimp when it comes to the finer details, you’ve invested a lot of time and money in your furniture so now is not the time to cut corners. These subtle touches give your pieces huge wow factor. The finer details are what really count when creating a chic interior, it shows attention to detail and an elegant finish overall.


 Lighting doesn’t always mean your fittings and floor lamps. Whilst this is a beautiful way to create a chic ambience you need to begin by considering your natural light. If your home is particularly lacking in natural light, try including a large mirror opposite your light source to reflect some light around the room.

Once you’ve encouraged your natural light flow throughout the room, you can consider combustion lighting. This is the second-best form of natural light form, in the form of a flame. This is anything from candles to a fireplace, both of which create a cosy chic interior using natural elements around your home. This is the perfect way to set the evening tone in your home.

Moving away from natural light, artificial lighting is a beautiful and elegant way to delve into chic interior design. Buster and Punch display a beautiful solution to your chic light fitting. A ceiling light made from a matt black metal cage and comes with a polished black marble back panel. The ceiling light is finished with a matt black knurled lamp holder and their signature penny buttons. 

Image Credit: Buster & Punch