Common Construction Mistakes


Construction is no exception to the rule. Construction is more susceptible to errors than other industries due to its intricate details. Because there are no similar projects, each project is susceptible to its own set errors. While some construction errors are out of our control, there are many things we can do to avoid common mistakes in the field. North West Builders is a family-owned construction company with decades of experience and strong family values.

You will be more likely to avoid making these errors if you are more informed. We will be discussing common mistakes and ways to avoid them.


Sometimes we settle for the first estimate because of the excitement of starting a project. A contracting company may be willing to give you an estimate you like. While everyone is optimistic in the initial stages of a project there are risks. You may be tempted to go with the first estimate, but you could end up letting some details slip. If these un-estimated cost arise in the middle or the end of a project you may face delays and overruns. Your estimates could be influenced by your optimism about the first estimate.


Unqualified or irresponsible contractors can make your project a disaster. Construction industry is not immune to the dangers of choosing the wrong contractor. Good contractors can finish the job within budget and time. Do your research before you hire a contractor. You can check if the company is legitimate and compare the projects they have worked on. You can verify their testimonials and licenses so you know what you can expect before you do business with them.


You could face penalties or stop-work orders from the authorities if you don’t have the right permits. This can affect your project’s timeline and budget. Before you begin a project, make sure you have all necessary permits. It takes a long time to obtain a construction license. You should start the process early. Insurance does not cover mistakes made by a project if there are no permits. It is also important to identify who is responsible for your licenses. Contractors sometimes pull their licenses and subcontractors may be equipped with permits. In some cases, the client must obtain permits. You must display your permits publically in order to allow inspectors to inspect the work.


Project delays are often caused by miscommunications between stakeholders. Clients sometimes feel that they ask too many questions. However, you shouldn’t be afraid to seek clarification. It is better to ask someone else for clarification if you don’t understand the situation. Bad communication can lead to incorrect tasks being executed, which can cause costly delays.


In some cases, it may be acceptable to extend completion dates. These can be accounted for by Acts of God and unforeseen weather conditions. These rarely happen. There are very few circumstances that can push the project beyond its expected completion date. This is a recipe to disaster if contractors keep putting off completion dates. Clients offer reliable contractors financial incentives to help them complete their projects on schedule.


Construction site accidents can cause serious damage to property, as well as ill health for workers and the general public. Unforeseeable accidents can happen, but contractors and crews who are better prepared are more likely to avoid disasters. Modern technology has made it possible for construction workers to follow safety procedures. Construction wearables can be used to monitor stress levels and heart rate, and determine if they are fit for work. Cloud-based projects allow for safety collaboration between workers. While construction is always risky, having the right systems can help you work safely.


Humans are naturally forgetful, and we all have days when we make a mistake or lose something. It can be very harmful to a project if it becomes a way of life at work. To avoid overlooking small details on the job, there should be systems for proper equipment handling, continuous training, monitoring, and monitoring. Neglecting to manage equipment can lead to unexpected costs and other serious consequences. It is important to maintain equipment in a specific way. This saves you a lot of money and time.


Contractors sometimes don’t see the consequences for performing certain tasks in an incorrect order during construction. While this might not be true in all cases, it can have serious consequences on others. If a contractor installs siding on a residential property before wiring or other boxes are installed, they will need to remove the siding.


Contractors spend a lot time dealing with various job aspects. They can sign documents quickly without ever reading the entire document. This is something that people do all the time. However, sometimes it can lead to problems. It can lead to costly delays and even stalling of a project if a contractor orders the wrong tile type to be installed. Waiting can cause delays in delivery of new materials that will allow the project to go ahead.


Modern construction requirements do not allow for the use of outdated software. Contractors can be crippled by the use of outdated software, data, and applications that are not well connected. They will not be able compete with digital contractors. Contractors can be hit with inefficiencies and data loss that could lead to a huge financial loss. Modernized software and platforms for construction can increase flexibility, productivity, profitability, and efficiency.