Career Spotlight – Interior Designer

interior design

Life as an interior designer is never dull. You will be able to utilize your creative streak on a daily basis in order to meet your clients needs and exceed their expectations. Interior designers are by their very nature, creative people who are also dynamic and always open to learning about new trends and being unique. Once you have made a name for yourself as a quality interior designer, you may find that the work literally comes to you. That is why it is vital to put 100% effort into every job you undertake, as well as work on building a portfolio and creating a brand for yourself or your interior design business.

You can become a qualified interior designer by attending a course at a college or design school. You do not need to attend university to become an interior designer, although many people complete arts degrees out of interest and expanding their creativity.

Some tasks that interior designers must undertake regularly include:

– Determining the clients needs
– Making the best use of available indoor space
– Determining color schemes as appropriate to the environment
– Choosing fabrics, furniture, art, lighting, materials and other aspects of the interior according to client needs
– Conducting presentations
– Developing design plans

Many interior designers work for themselves. Starting your own business is a good idea if you want ultimate control, but keep in mind you will also have to control all the book work and finances and this can take away from the designing aspect. Of course, you can hire a helping hand to assist you with the administrative tasks but you will need to be making enough money to pay their wage as well as provide yourself with sufficient income.

You may choose to become an expert in a certain type of design or certain building type. For example, there are expert hotel interior designers and also those specializing in retail store design, corporate offices, residential housing, luxury apartments and much more. The opportunities are endless.

Interior design is a rewarding career and one that is ever changing. You must be able to keep up with new trends by studying magazines, periodicals, websites and industry publications. As long as you have an eye for creativity and can keep your clients happy, you will have no problem either running your own interior designer business or working for a company.