Blocked Toilet? Common Things You Should Never Flush


The well-being of your pipes depends upon your ability to Adhere to the 3 P’s if utilizing your bathroom: urine, poop and (bathroom) paper. The ordinary toilet isn’t meant to deal with anything more than natural waste and toilet paper that’s the reason you ought to know about the things you shouldn’t ever flush down your toilet. Therefore, in the event that you see to your bathroom like a garbage bin, then you have to generate some adjustments for the interest of not just your bathroom and septic tank, except for wastewater treatment centers also.

But until your bathroom is clogged or you’ve had Problem with your septic tank it is easy to not consider the harm being done. Here at newcenturyplumbingheatingwe understand how simple it’s to consider your bathroom as a black hole which makes everything vanish. Bear in mind, we’re always available to solve your Plumber Dublin issues when you want us.

To Be Able to give you the Opportunity to put your Very Best foot forward In preventing these issues, we’ve put together a listing of the most frequent things NOT to be flushed down your toilet

Feminine Hygiene Products:

Regardless of what it says on the box, You Shouldn’t flush Tampons or sanitary pads down the bathroom. It’s each single home and business owner’s nightmare. They’re made to consume and expand water which may lead to significant issues with your pipes that might wind up being a very costly cure for a readily preventable issue.

Baby/Wet Wipes:

Unlike bathroom paper, baby/wet wipes Aren’t designed to dissolve in water. If you have to use themalways throw them in the bin because they slowly collect on your waste line and eventually lead to a severe blockage.

Prescription Medication:

While it may look like disposing of fresh or from date Prescription medication at the bathroom is the safest choice, it really has many consequences like the simple fact that they are sometimes poisonous to groundwater supplies as well as creatures. These are just another no, no.

Baby Nappies:

It’s unlikely that You’ll Have the Ability to flush out a nappy down Your bathroom but in the event you do, it will probably get caught from the U-bend pipe. If that is true, you may call us at newcenturyplumbingheating because it will most likely clog your bathroom.


The bane of almost any shower drains presence. Hair Doesn’t violate Down thus once extracted out of your own shower drain/hair brush, so you shouldn’t flush it down the toilet. Over the years it will develop in the waste line and finally develop into a contributory element in your bathroom blocking.

Cat Litter:

Some manufacturers state that their kitty litter is flawlessly Flushable, nevertheless this adds to the toxins which have to be eliminated in water treatment plants. Irrespective of whether it is flushable, cat litter was made to clump in regards to contact with fluid so imagine the harm to your bathroom after flushing it.

Fats, Grease and Oil:

Most of Us know that massaging down these the sink is unacceptable Why would a bathroom be any different? Spicy fats, grease and petroleum seem to be liquid and readily drainable, nevertheless once chilled they become a hardened/jelly-like material. They’ll develop within the bathroom waste line and finally cause a critical congestion which will require jetting so as to clear the congestion so avoid flushing them down.

Cigarette Butts:

Consider how many times you have walked into a bar bathroom And noticed a cigarette butt floating in the toilet bowl. Cigarette butts contain compounds which are quite poisonous to water source so that is a no-go circumstance.

Although you can follow these tips, There’s a Chance you may experience of your bathroom blocking. Sometimes these items are inescapable however regular and proper maintenance can be certain they don’t occur often.

In the event that you do have a plumbing issue, even though it Is a late-night crisis, make sure you pick up the telephone and call us in newcenturyplumbingheating in (+353 86 832 0789).