Funeral Home of “Bjork and Zhulkie”


Ken Farley and Tom Farley, his brother, are currently co-owners and directors of Zhulkie and Bjork Funeral Homes. They have been doing so since 2003. Justin Farley, Ken’s son is currently the funeral director. Bjork and Zhulkie Funeral Homes offers a traditional package that costs just over $8,000 and includes a consultation, staff assistance during the memorial viewing or viewing, embalming and visitation. Additional materials such as a casket, casket vault, or flowers, are required for a funeral or burial.

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Funeral Products & Services

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  • Funeral flowers
  • Cremation urns
  • Sympathy cards

How can you save money on funeral costs

You can save money on funeral costs by buying your own casket. Funeral homes will accept caskets purchased from another source. Online retailers can also ship caskets directly (shipping charges may apply, depending on where the retailer is).

We recommend you shop online to find the best prices. A guide to the best caskets that we found online has also been created.

About Bjork & Zhulkie Funeral Homes

The Bjork and Zhulkie funeral home, which is located at North 3rd Street, Ishpeming (Michigan), has been in existence for many decades. Despite the loss of the original building in 1948 by an fire, the funeral home continues to serve the Upper Peninsula communities.

The website of Bjork and Zhulkie Funeral Home also provides a wealth of information for families who are just starting to plan their funerals. This is especially useful as most funeral homes don’t provide this information unless you visit them in person. The list also includes the prices for facility rentals and the cost to hire staff for on-site services.

Bjork and Zhulkie funeral home also offers a variety of memorial take-home products, including bookmarks, thank-you notes, guestbooks, memorial folders, and bookmarks. The company also sells vaults, caskets and urns. Thumbies is also a partner of Bjork and Zhulkie Funeral Home. Thumbies makes unique keepsakes featuring the thumbprints of your loved ones.

Two local inns are within four minutes of Bjork or Zhulkie for out-of-state friends and family who want to attend a funeral at the best electrician tool belt cemetery. There are many options for hotels with a brand near Marquette, IA, which is located right on Lake Superior’s waterfront. Flyers can land at Sawyer International Airport within 30 minutes of Bjork and Zhulkie funeral home.