Best wood-inspired wallcovering designs

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In decoratively designing your walls, you would want to have a unique transformation using extraordinary tools like commercial wallcoverings that you can get from different wallpaper shops that offer contemporary and outstanding designs you can choose from.

On that note, one trendy design to use is the wood-inspired style wallcovering that also involves numerous motifs that will match your personality and attractively preferred theme. We knew that it can offer a lot and make a beautiful transformation of your spaces.

We want to share our favorite styles and the best wood inspired wall covering that will empower you to be more artistic and playful in redefining your space. Check out the stunning designs below.

List of the Best Wood inspired Wallpaper styles and designs

Chevron interlocking design – hygge wood

Presenting a contemporary look for your wall is this repeated pattern that is also known as Hygge wood. It creates a chevron-like style that promotes an accent with a Scandinavian to a country feel.

It is a great way to recreating paneling to your space, good for commercial spaces like hotel rooms, bars, as well as cozy cafes that can give warmth and a relaxing vibe.

Log cabin design – Cambria wood

It is a nice wallcovering design that can offer you an authentic log cabin experience in your space; you can imagine it hanged in cafes, restaurants, spas, and even hotel lounges. It incorporates scenery with a nature vibe that gives people a relaxing ambiance and seeks a peaceful weekend getaway.

It is also a perfect match if you are eyeing something that could transform your room into a country lodge-like effect. Most commercial wallpapers are washable and an excellent way to be convenient and durable, especially for those high traffic areas.

Oak wood inspired – flat cut wallcoverings

Oak Wood inspired wall covering offers a  more authentic warm feel and pleasing texture to your walls. At the same time, it can also give you a rustic style and edge for your interiors. It can transform your rooms in many ways, especially with various colors it has.

You may choose between limed, white-colored oak wood as well as driftwood. These designs could get you a unique and add warmth you needed for your space with a naturally charming vibe. You can check here the Koroseal wood theme wallpaper available at Mahones.

Walnut wood inspired wallpaper design

It is another stylish wall covering design with a rich wood-like texture. It can effectively satisfy your idea of having a classic and elegant finish for your spaces. Its wood effect could be beautifully incorporate with your modern or antique furniture as well as throw pillows accessories in your sofas.

Walnut wood effect is also considered as one of the favorites of professional interior designers when it comes to paneling and accent walls for hotels and spas as it delivers a peaceful and warm ambiance to any rooms.

Industrial wood inspired wallcovering design

Industrial wood effect wallpaper is a realistic wood wallpaper design that resembles salvaged woods yet still gives a classic and fantastic finish for your walls in an artistic way.

Owners of places for special occasions like restaurants and hotels have the opportunity to taste its unique and artistic design that could be matched with their inspirational themes.

It also looked like beautifully aged driftwoods with a combination of teal and washed red colors. You could also utilize it as an accent wall or framed wallpaper as accessories to your walls.

Wood floral inspired wallpaper design

This floral wood effect style creates a chic and rustic feel for your walls, perfect for hotel bedrooms and accent wall for bars and cafes.

It is a combination of being subtle and decorative for your interiors. It is a simple way to mix and match your accessories. It could also be used as an accent wall, paneling, or framed wallpaper as a decorative piece for your walls.

Why go for wood inspired wallcovering design?

This type of wall covering is for those looking for a natural feel of wood for their walls. It could be as an accent or wall covering but still choose to get an easy install one. With many factors such as cost and time installing it, you can say that this wood effect wallpaper is a good choice for any commercial space.

One of the benefits of using removable wood inspired wallpaper is changing designs whenever you feel to, no commitment. Still, it will assure durability and sustainability like the real ones minus the effort and cost.

So, where is the best place to install this kind of wallpaper design?

Wood inspired wallcoverings can be installed and perform in any space. It could give your commercial space a streamlined finish matches your furniture and appliances making it more country style or make it contemporary in an elegant way.

It could also give an urban or industrial vibe and provide a rustic feel for your commercial spaces with added warmth and coziness.