These are the 6 Best Mattresses to Help You Sleep Better

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Medical experts and bedding experts weigh in to help find the best bed for lower and upper back pain relief.

A mattress that causes pain in the back, either upper or lower, is not what you want. Even though your bed may not be the cause of your pain, the correct mattress can help. There are so many options on the market that it can be difficult to find the right mattress for you.

Saatva Classic Mattress

The mattress received high marks from our survey panel and testers, who gave it top marks for comfort, support, and overall quality of sleep. This online brand is unlike memory foam mattresses that you have to put together yourself. Instead, it comes in a compressed box and can be set up by you.

It’s made up of A mix of pressure-relieving and supportive memory foam. The foam is specifically targeted at the middle of your bed to hit your lower back. There are three firmness options, but the Luxury Firm option offers the best support and is equivalent to medium-firm support.

Notes from a tester One user told us that she suffers from chronic back pain and that the mattress has made a significant improvement. Another raved about how it relieves her low back pain. Other users called it the “best mattress ever” and praised the edge support which makes it easy to get into and out of bed.

Nolah Evolution 15 Hybrid Mattress

Our testers love this mattress, as do the survey respondents who specifically mentioned back pain. It is the same firmness as Saatva but it feels softer because it has more foam than coils. This helps with pressure relief and lower back pain.

It’s made up of A boxed mattress that is quite tall with five layers of foam, support coils and foam. This also means that it is heavier than other mattresses (a queen weighs 110 pounds). You’ll need to ensure your sheets fit.

Notes from a Tester One patient with back pain said that her back felt better after one night. A pregnant mother told us that she had been experiencing hip pain and “Nolah saved my life in my last trimester…it helped to sleep really well.”

Allswell Luxe Hybrid Mattress

This bed-in-a box is a great way to save money on your mattress. It’s also very affordable and gets rave reviews from its users. Although it only comes in one firmness, medium is the best for people suffering from back pain. You can also set it up yourself, as the box is contactless and convenient.

It’s made from This boxed model is not all foam. Instead, it has a mix of foam and coils inside. It features two inches of memory foam at the top and one inch of high-density foam in the middle. There are also coils in its bottom to provide additional support and airflow.

Notes from the Tester From ease of setup to support while you sleep, the mattress received high marks. It was even said by some users that it relieved their neck and back pains and was well worth the investment. One user raved about how it helped her back, while another stated that the mattress provides more support than her previous spring mattress.

Casper Wave Hybrid Mattress

Casper offers many mattresses, but the top-of-the line model is made to promote spine alignment. The medium firmness felt a little soft to our testers. This is probably because it molds to your body and reduces pressure points.

It’s made up of unique gel pods. These are located under your hips and lower back to provide more support. Softer foam contours to your shoulders. There are many layers of foam that provide full-body pressure relief. Additionally, coils are located at the base to increase support and airflow.

Notes from the tester Our panel of users gave Casper a perfect rating for support and raved over its comfort. They also highlighted Casper’s outstanding customer service. One user praised the ease of setting up and how it helps alleviate our pains. Another described it as “sleeping on clouds”.

The Purple Mattress

Purple is distinguished by its elastic grid layer on the surface. This provides support and pressure relief. Users swear that it feels soft and firm. It helps to isolate motion, making it less likely that your partner will move during the night.

It’s made up of two layers of foam. However, the brand also offers hybrid versions with a layer and coils that provide additional support and airflow. Although the hybrids are heavier and more costly, they still come with Purple’s pressure-relieving grid.

Notes from the Tester The Purple mattress was praised by our panel for its ability to alleviate back pain. They said that it only took two nights of using the Purple mattress to make my back feel better.

Sleep Number 360 p6 smart bed

Sleep Number mattresses come with air chambers which allow you to customize the firmness of your bed. Although it’s expensive, users said that they were happy they paid for one.

It’s made from The brand makes many adjustable beds, all of which have air chambers that can adjust the firmness. However, this particular model has a five inch pressure relief layer for extra comfort. It also features built-in sleep track capabilities that allow you to receive personalized feedback about your sleep performance directly to your phone.

Notes from a tester The mattress was rated comfortable and supportive by users. They also liked the personal control over how the bed feels. One tester said that the mattress “gives me a customized sleep experience.” One tester said that he felt 30 times younger after sleeping on the mattress.