Your Guide to Picking the Best Colour for Your New Fibreglass Pool

Fibreglass Pool

Congratulations on your decision to get a new fibreglass pool installed in your home! One of the main decisions to take when installing a new home pool is the colour.

What colours are fibreglass pools available in?

What colour should your fibreglass pool actually be?

Which colour will complement my home and increase the property values?

What should I consider when selecting my fibreglass pool’s colour?

Well, in this blog post, our pool installation experts at [company name] have collated their years of expertise and knowledge to answer all of these questions. So, dive right in and find out the trick to choosing the perfect colour for your new fibreglass home pool.

Different fibreglass pool colours are available in the market today

Fibreglass pool colours come in two categories – light colours and dark colours. Usually, the colours tend to be in shades of blue, green and grey (with some ranging towards black).

Typically, you’ll find colours that are named –

Light colours –

  • Reef blue
  • Ocean blue
  • Ice/Silver
  • Beach sand/Ivory
  • White

Dark colours –

  • Storm grey
  • Black/Coal
  • Sapphire

You might find this range of colours with different names, depending on who you get your fibreglass pool made from.

Factors to consider when selecting the colour of your new pool

  1. Pool aesthetics

Aesthetics is definitely a very important consideration when you’re selecting a colour for your new home fibreglass pool. The colour you pick should look good at all times of the day and night.

Some colours look great in bright sunlight but begin to look dull or weird as the light fades. Others look better in artificial light and not in natural light. Ask your pool installation team to show you pictures or samples of how different coloured fibreglass looks in different lighting.

Additionally, you also need to consider the pool area décor that you plan to keep. Is this going to be a permanent décor or something you intend to change regularly? If it’s the former, you need to narrow down what your décor will look like and select the colour. If it’s the latter, it’s best to choose a colour that is neutral and works with any pool decoration.

  1. Pool technology and accessories/furnishings you install

If you plan to get LED lights installed in the pool, then certain colours will work better with that light. Even equipment like wave machines can play a role in the decision since the colour you choose can make the waves “pop” and resemble the real ocean. Similarly, in the absence of LED lights, darker colours may make the pool too dark to swim in the night.

Additionally, consider the accessories/furnishings you may want to install now or in the future. For example, slides or water features like waterfalls and coves. Or a mid-pool bar counter or a hot tub. What do you want your pool to look like?

The entire aesthetics should be cohesive after you select the colour, while also being functional. The colour you choose should not hamper your ability to enjoy any of the technology and accessories/furnishings that you install.

  1. Purpose of the pool

The next thing to consider is – what will you use the pool for?

If you are planning to use the pool just for yourself and your family, then consult the people who’ll spend their time in the pool. But, let’s say you want your pool to be the stage for neighbourhood barbeques or community events or perhaps weekly Friday night parties with friends – then the decision should take the event into consideration.

If you want to host people in the morning, lighter-coloured fibreglass pools will sparkle in the sunlight. But darker coloured pools make the space more seductive – perfect for cocktail parties and nighttime events. You can even install club-type lighting in and around the pool, to give it that party vibe.

If, however, you want to use your pool specifically for training for races or perhaps even as a medical therapy space for yourself or a loved one, then you will need to choose a colour to suit that purpose. For the latter, it’s best to recreate the pool environment where you will be eventually racing. For the latter, you’ll need a pool that offers the highest visibility.

  1. Presence of children and/or pets

Speaking of visibility, you’ll definitely need fibreglass pools Auckland that offer complete visibility both during the day and the night, if you have kids or pets. The fact is, even with all the safety features you install, kids and pets can get into the pool without your supervision. When you have a fibreglass pool colour that offers the most transparent visibility, you can always be comforted knowing that you can spot anyone in the pool, at any time.

This is also the case for homes where there are many elderly users of the pool. A highly-visible colour will act as the perfect contrast for them to spot the railings/bars on the wall, the steps, any dips/raises in the pool floor incline and other features you may have installed.

  1. Appearance of algae and debris

Algal growth is very common in all swimming pools – including home pools. The temperature, weather and cleanliness of the water can all contribute to algal growth. The type of fibreglass pool colour you choose can determine how easily visible or barely visible the algal growth is in your pool. In some cases, the colour may show even the most minute algal formations. Other colours may start to show the algae after a period of time.

The same goes for debris. Certain pool colours make the water look darker and murky, thereby reducing the aesthetic impact of debris in the water. Others don’t. We understand that not everyone has the time or finances for weekly or fortnightly pool cleaning. You may even be living in a place that is highly vulnerable to debris and algal growth, no matter how much you clean the pool.

While not cleaning the pool is never an option, the colour you choose can give you a few days of breathing space, till you call in the experts to clean your pool.

Do certain colours fade over time?

Yes, as with any material, fibreglass does fade over time. The colour doesn’t really matter here. Exposure to the sun’s UV radiation and improper water chemistry can bleach your fibreglass pool, no matter what colour it is.

But don’t worry. This bleaching doesn’t happen for many years. Plus, you can easily restore your pool to its original colour with help from our experts at [company name]. So, focus on the above criteria and figure out which colour you’d like your brand-new pool to be.

Can’t decide the pool colour? That’s okay. Feel free to consult our pool installation experts at Barrier Reef Pools New Zealand for advice and help. We’re more than happy to take a look at your property, evaluate your pool space against the above-mentioned factors and then give you a recommendation.

Choosing the correct pool colour for your home will certainly add to your property’s value if you ever plan to sell it in the future. It will also make your home the cynosure of all eyes in your neighbourhood.

We have a variety of gorgeous colours, perfect for every pool use occasion. Contact us today to see a few of our previously installed fibreglass pools. We look forward to installing your home pool for you.