Bamboo Fencing Quality Checks You Should Conduct

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Bamboo fencing materials are an ideal choice due to their strength and natural imperviousness to elements. They come in various lengths and sizes, perfect for all fencing requirements. Before installation, make sure all bamboo fencing rolls have been thoroughly examined for damage or defects. Onethatch offers a high quality selection of tropical building products, such as synthetic thatch bamboo and bamboo fence panel.

This article will focus on the quality tests you should run when fencing with bamboo. These checks can help ensure a stress-free set up process and minimize frustration during setup.

Bamboo fencing can be customized to any length.

Before purchasing any bamboo screen, be sure to measure its width and length. Some vendors only specify the width or size of a panel; make sure you know both dimensions for an ideal fit.

How will the bamboo be delivered to you?

Bamboo fencing materials tend to accumulate dust and absorb moisture during storage, leading to rapid rust and mould growth when kept longer in dark, cool or dark locations. Make sure your bamboo screening products are shipped properly sealed without moisture or dust; alternatively, visit your local DIY store and inspect items prior to purchasing them.

Does Bamboo Fencing Require Treatment?

Untreated bamboo fence panels will darken when left to the elements. Furthermore, unshielded wires in untreated bamboo rolls may begin to rust over time, so the best option is to treat and coat these items before selling them. With proper care and maintenance, bamboo screens can last 10 years or more if properly taken care of by their retailer. However, it’s up to buyers to inquire about what grade their bamboo screens are before purchasing them; after all, it is the shop’s responsibility to guarantee they remain in top condition.

Be familiar with all fencing regulations!

Bamboo fences can be easy to set up, but may take some practice. Don’t risk installing it incorrectly – read all instructions thoroughly before placing your bamboo screening panel.

Create 6ft/2m bamboo fencing that can withstand strong winds.

Bamboo fences can be fragile if not installed correctly or in a windy area. To avoid this from happening, mount your bamboo screens using sturdy posts for extra support.

Be prepared for weather and elements.

Bamboo fences, particularly those made of rolls and panels can become affected by damp and humid conditions. Over time, bamboo panels may turn black or the wire may rust when exposed to elements. When this happens, paint the fence using either bamboo stain or paints specifically designed for wood.

Utilize fallen stable posts as a system of support.

Bamboo panel wall, bamboo rolls and splits require a secure support system to be successful. When creating your privacy screen, opt for treatment (round) log posts as the ideal support structure to provide strength and stability.

How can you construct a sturdy bamboo fence?

Bamboo fences and rolls are beautiful products. They can easily be attached to existing fences or created a standalone barrier by placing two two-by-1 round posts spaced apart for added visual interest.

Bamboo fences range in length from one metre up to four meters and come with various heights. The 2m (6ft) bamboo fencing roll is perfect for high fences. While cutting parts of your fence, be sure not to damage its wire loop.

Additionally, paint the bamboo roll with fence paints or bamboo stains for extra longevity – up to 10 years or more.

Many homeowners and gardeners prefer 1.5 meters and 2 meters bamboo screening rolls over higher ones due to their evenly spaced spacing, making them ideal fence coverings.