An Awareness of Chinese Interior Design

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Chinese Interior Design Basics

Using screens for room decoration and privacy is one of the more basic aspects of Chinese interior design. Traditionally, these screens were lattice frames covered over with translucent fabric or paper which provided both privacy and a lovely design. Screens today are made of more elaborate materials including beautifully carved woods and bamboo with ivory and fine metal inlays. Divider screens can create a sense of mystery while providing added beauty. Because of their beauty and many uses, screens are now used even with other types of interior design.

Yet another basic of Chinese interior design is to maintain room simplicity, with rich and elegant objects carefully placed for maximum effect. The Chinese tradition tends toward one or two fine quality objects as the focal point as opposed to many more mediocre objects. This design ensures that the rooms will be simple, airy and light.

Using the Art of Feng Shui

A great deal of Chinese interior design finds its roots in the art of Feng Shui. Feng Shui is a spiritual form of living stemming from Chinese mysticism and belief. When using Feng Shui in interior design, the furnishings, objects and colors will be skillfully chosen and will be placed to benefit the place and people who live there. The use of Feng Shui in Chinese interior design purports that the person will have benefits in love, health and finances. There are professional consultants available who are versed on the art of Feng Shui. These consultants can analyze an individual and his or her surroundings to determine what steps to take for the most enrichment in the surroundings to enhance the personal life of that individual.

How to Add Chinese Interior Design Accents

Perhaps a person may like the looks of Chinese interior design, however may not want to completely decorate in this theme. It is simple to introduce the basics of Chinese design into other types of design and still have a nice flow with nothing out of place. Keeping a room simple and adding only a few objects can be a basic for any Interior Design while holding to Chinese tradition. And the use of divider screens is a wonderful idea in nearly any situation. It is also nice to choose a piece of Chinese art for placement in a home. Perhaps a piece of Chinese pottery or a painting can create a sense of exotic culture which will be enjoyable and impressive.