5 Must Haves for Your Side Table

Home Improvement

Source: 1825 Interiors

Side table styling can be so much fun, if you have the right accessories to work with, that is! Whether you have just the table that you want to dress up a little, or you’re on the hunt for a beautiful and classic side table that you can use and decorate for countless years to come, these five must have items are going to work perfectly for you. Keep reading to find the very best staple accessories for any table in your household…

Light Features

A lamp is going to amp up the functional factor of your side table, no matter where it is in your home. An extra layer of light helps to increase the ambience of your home, particularly great for rooms reserved for relaxation such as your living room or your bedroom. For a warming and calming glow, opt for a toastier toned lampshade that’s going to cast a golden beam across the room. Cooler toned lampshades are great if you’re wanting a fresh, brightening effect, which is usually better for spaces such as the kitchen or the hallway. Lamps can be super slick or functional or gorgeously ornate, choose according to your styling and your desired impact to make the right decision for your home.

Small Space Storage

Adding a couple of storage points to your side table is great for making the surface both more stylish and more functional. This can be as heavy duty or as subtle as you like, just go off of what storage requirements you and your family have. Think features such as decorative bowls, compact baskets or catch-all dishes if you just want a couple of spots to store the odd change or set of keys. Maybe you’re in need of something a little more robust? Look for small scale drawers, ornate boxes and baskets to stash underneath your table for plenty of storage that still looks stylish.


No table styling is complete without a few memories here and there! Be sure to add your favourite personal keepsakes to bring personality and style to your table. This can be anything from artwork to sculptures and everything in between! Choose items that look lovely whilst also reflecting the personalities that reside within your home. These should be mindfully curated to keep the deliberately decorated tone of your styling, you don’t want your table to look too random or cluttered. Top tip, it’s best to stick to odd numbers when you’re placing pieces throughout your home, humans just prefer looking at odds to evens!


Bring the outside in for freshness and a beautiful accent that’s not going to overpower both the table and the space as a whole. This is a great alternative to an artwork or photograph for adding a luscious layer that ups the volume of your styling and increases the vertical line of the scene. Choose whatever leafy green speaks to your soul, you can’t really go wrong here!

Soft Finishes

Add some exciting textures to your table styling for that extra professional edge. Mix soft finishes such as table cloths, runners, placemats, woven coasters or simple squares of eclectic textiles to layer an eye-catching, effective scene that’s anything but boring. This extra step can make your simple side table the centre of attention! Stick to subtle colours to avoid overpowering all of your hard work.

Follow these tips for perfect side table styling! Remember to have fun and to keep it reflective of your own tastes and preferences for a house that really feels like home.