10 ways to dress up your space with striking wallpaper brands you can trust

Home Improvement

Be creative and be playful with redesigning your spaces using the top-notched brand wallpapers in the market. Embrace the fact that there is no limit in creating something new and producing appealing rooms, especially with enough knowledge and tools you can gather by research. And we would like to be part of that journey.

Wallpaper is creating a comeback these days after years of silence from the ’80s. It is true that you could make the most out of it and this is the perfect time to take your turn. We will help you with finding brand wallpaper at a discounted rate and give some of the most innovative ways of dressing your spaces in no time.

Why use branded wallcoverings?

Most professional interior designers look at wallpaper as their game-changer and an accent for every wall. For that reason, they would also like to make sure that they are getting the best of the best, and as a homeowner, you would also want to choose recommended brands you can trust in the long run. From contemporary designs, unique patterns, and outstanding texture, you couldn’t ask for more.

Furthermore, it is important to know how it is made and what materials they used, so you and your family to assure safety from any harmful toxins that can be dangerous to one’s health. Read along and learn ways of reinventing your spaces.

  1. Showcase your Stair Wall

Add depth and patterns to your stair walls and create a luxurious look for your staircase. Make it more artistic and elegant with Schumacher wallpaper with Zimba design.

Schumacher’s collection of excellent fabric made its way to the top due to unique styles and various designs for men and women. It also caters to kids as well as teens. It is also known for its charismatic theme that is perfect for master bedrooms.

  1. Door wallcovering

You can create a spacious effect for a room using Wallcoverings as it provides a focal point that can be striking to use in your entryways. Choose durable and removable vinyl or grasscloth wallpaper to achieve an elegant yet artistic door, with this you can go for plain or patterns.

Phillip Jeffries wallpaper collection, for example,  is one of the best designers we can recommend. He has created many patterns and designs you can choose from depending on your room’s motif.

  1. Make Wallpaper an Artwork 

If you ever encounter a wallcovering that captured your heart. Go for it and think of the possibilities you can create, especially in reinventing your space. Ashford House Wallpaper is best for having a timeless pattern and design that will complement your rooms, whether for your living room, kitchen, and rooms. Their wallpapers are inspired by nature that can add elegance to your spaces, mainly if you decided to put in a frame.

  1. Make your bathroom Savvy 

Picking a bold pattern can be eye-catching to your guest and give elegance to your Bathroom. You can choose a floral print. Know the dimensions of your room before even starting to determine the size of the wallpaper you will use. Get a designer brand that can give you a peel and stick technology to make sure that it is durable enough for your space. You could check on the Brewster Wallpaper collection for their Bathroom covering designs. 

  1. Revamp your Lampshades

Another way to use quality and beautifully designed wallpaper is by decorating a lampshade. You can easily add instantaneous flair to a plain lampshade or revise a broken one. Interior designers use quality Wallpaper to enhance the beauty of a room, and they opt for something that can add warmth to your space. Measure the width and length of your lampshades and carefully apply your wallpapers to it. Try and see striking patterns and designs by Candice Olson.

  1. Paneling for your Rooms 

Paneling using wallcovering can add up color and art for your study and office room. You can get the design of your choice from your favorite designer like York Wallpapers and do its work.

  1. Jazzing up your Pantries

A perfect way to redesign your kitchen pantry and add depth to your space is using a beautiful designer brand like Ralph Lauren Wallpapers. It can give your pantry a fresh look and while accentuating your kitchen accessories. You could also choose almost the same design that will match other spaces in your home. 

  1. Closet Makeover

If you are tired of your old wardrobe, give it a fresh look using your chosen wallpaper brand and complete your master bedroom look with your revamp closet. It will add warmth and style that will truly captivate your heart in an instant. Choose an elegant design from Seabrook Wallpaper. 

  1. Brighten up your Laundry Room 

You could create a new style and transform your laundry area. It doesn’t have to be boring and plain at all. Make it fun and lively by using Waverly Wallpaper designs that offer traditional and accent patterns that you will love. 

  1. Reviving your room Dividers 

Give it your room dividers a new look and create a more serene feel with many outstanding prints and patterns you can choose from. We know that it is quite expensive to own a new divider these days, so you can have it revived instead by using elegant designs of branded wallpapers.


Even if it is not that easy to hang or install these branded wallpapers, plus the fact that you will eventually change designs depending on the season, we can’t deny that it is one of the best ways to channel your personality and creativity when designing your homes.

Whether it is for renovating or enlivening your living room, study room, and bedrooms, wallpaper could be your hero and you should go for quality branded designs.